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10 Best White-Label Branding Plugins for WordPress

10 Best White-Label Branding Plugins for WordPress

As a developer, you can completely customize the back-end of your
clients’ websites to reflect their unique brand and messaging. It means
completely transforming the look of the dashboard, admin menu, logo,
graphics, header, the width of the logo, the footer logo, and the login
form. You do this by removing all information that comes with WordPress.
This is called white label branding.

If you are code savvy, you
can make all these changes manually. But it´s time consuming. That’s
where white-label branding WordPress plugins come in. No coding
experience is required to use them. With these plugins, even those with
no coding knowledge can create a white-label back-end for your WordPress

 Image of 9883B6CA 5754 4813 A5F2 F1C6C704FCD4

What Do White-Label Branding Plugins Do? 

  • They give you the ability to control and transform the appearance of the back-end. 
  • They help you customize the back-end of your WordPress site without coding. 
  • They come with extensive documentation that helps you do the customization by yourself.

Bestselling WordPress White-Label Plugins for 2020

Here are a few of the best-selling white-labeling WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon for 2020.

 Image of BestsellingWhitelabelWP

How White-Label Branding Is Done

White label branding can be done manually or by using plugins

The manual process involves making changes to your WordPress theme’s PHP code by inserting snippets of code to perform the following tasks:

  1. replacing WordPress logos with the client’s logo
  2. replacing standard login images with the client’s image
  3. replacing the header
  4. customizing the admin menu
  5. replacing footer text like Powered by WordPress with your own wording 

you have no coding knowledge or little coding experience, then manual
white labeling is overwhelming. The same applies to experienced
developers who are pressed for time. 

Of course, you don’t have to do all that manually. There are plugins you can use to do white labeling.

White-Label Branding Plugins on CodeCanyon

On CodeCanyon you will find white-label branding plugins that will help you customize your clients’ WordPress back-end to reflect their brands. 

1. Bestselling: White Label Branding for WordPress (Single Site)

 Image of 9883B6CA 5754 4813 A5F2 F1C6C704FCD4

With the White Label Branding plugin, you have the ultimate tool for customizing the WordPress admin and login screen.

It allows you to take full control over branding in the WordPress admin by:

  • customizing your login screen, menus, and logos
  • changing the color scheme of the entire admin section 
  • creating your own advanced login templates
  • creating new user roles and assigning capabilities 

Not only that, but you can decide who has access to what features by hiding elements for other administrators. 

can even create a fake administrator account! This is useful if you
want to give your clients “admin” access, but still limit what they have
access to. The real administrator will also be hidden from the user
list. This way, a client with the “fake” administrator account will
never know that they don’t have full access to all features.

2. WPShapere

 Image of E83DBBD3 787A 442B AE7C 868569770C3B

WPShapere is
a very popular back-end customization plugin on CodeCanyon. It’s a very
light plugin, easy to install, and easy to customize. 

Here is what you can do with this powerful plugin: 

  • remove the WordPress logo from the admin bar
  • upload your own logo to the login page and admin bar
  • customize the login page design
  • customize the admin theme with 16 built-in themes to kick-start your project
  • remove the WordPress default dashboard widgets
  • add your own content widgets and RSS widgets
  • customize the admin bar links
  • add your custom logo, text content, or links in the footer
  • create user access restrictions

 3. White Label Branding for Multisite

 Image of 681B735A A5E7 4E94 A616 F29B2CB4C4D8

White Label Branding for Multisite lets you control the branding of the main site and all sub-sites in a network of websites powered by WordPress Multisite. 

This white label branding WordPress plugin for multisite allows you to:

  • give each sub-site the ability to do their own branding and customize their menus for the editor role 
  • customize the menus and logos on each sub-site in your WordPress multisite network
  • replace the WordPress logo from the log-in screen and dashboard with your own identity or even your client’s 
  • add custom dashboard meta box viewable only to editors or all users with your own welcome message or help

4.  Ultra Admin

 Image of 688A5080 30DE 470B BDEF C0104D8B884E

Ultra Admin is a
combination theme and white-label branding plugin that helps you design
a WordPress site for your clients with your own company branding. 

comes with 30 built-in theme templates. You can customize the admin
menu, top bar, buttons, content boxes, typography, forms, text and
background colors, logo, and so on.  

Ultra Admin’s white-label branding features will help you create a white label WordPress site by:

  • rearranging menu and submenu items
  • changing menu icons
  • controlling the top bar links
  • customizing the footer
  • setting plugin access permissions 
  • customing the login page

5.  WPAlter

 Image of 11430A15 019C 43C9 8696 4C205AD545B1

WPAlter completely changes the style of the WordPress admin panel to your desired color theme.

Using this plugin, you can:

  • remove the WordPress text and logo
  • create custom login themes and add a custom logo for login and admin pages
  • hide, rename, and rearrange admin menu items
  • hide admin menu items based on user roles

You can create a white label WordPress site and also white-label emails.

is tested for compatibility with popular plugins: Visual Composer, WP
Super Cache, WP Total Cache, Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce.

6.  Material Admin

 Image of 10D83A0C ACFB 4944 93D4 8EFC3A40D0E7

This multisite-compatible white-label branding WordPress theme comes with:

  • 100 elegant themes and gives you an option to create your own custom theme 
  • 20+ custom dashboard widgets for site and visitor statistics
  • LTR and RTL modes so can be used for any language

To support white-label branding for WordPress, you can easily: 

  • rearrange menu and submenu items
  • change menu icons
  • enable or disable menu and submenu items

It also comes with a fully customizable login screen. 

7.  Legacy Admin

 Image of 497BE8B5 9FCE 41FA ADFD 5C31B0924988

Legacy Admin is an advanced, feature-rich white-label WordPress admin theme that comes with:

  • 20 elegant, fully customizable themesfully customizable beautiful login screen theme
  • admin menu management 

Here is what Legacy Admin allows you to do in terms of white-label branding:

  • customize the admin top bar (all links and CSS Styles)
  • customize the footer
  • customize the login section 
  • customize the admin look and feel to represent your branding needs
  • customize the admin menu
  • add a custom logo and favicon for the admin panel

It is translation-compatible with RTL and LTR modes that can be used to support any language. 

Finally, Legacy Admin is also multisite-compatible, so it’s easy to install and ready to use on a multisite network.

8.  Slate Pro

 Image of CFAC4FD9 E4D4 417C A30A F27F75B6138D

Say goodbye to the run-of-the-mill WordPress. With Slate Pro, you can:

  • reimagine WordPress with a clean and simplified design 
  • change or remove all WordPress branding 
  • customize brand clients’ admins with custom colors and a custom login screen

clients don’t even have to know that you’re using WordPress! Also,
Slate Pro is multisite-compatible, so you can control the look of all

9. wphave Admin—WordPress Admin Theme

 Image of B4E58909 9822 480A 93EF 2658C0FD714D

Admin is a clean, beautiful and modern admin theme that is very easy to
customize. It is packed with useful features such as wp memory usage,
custom login page, custom theme colors and many more.

Using wphave Admin you can do:

  • white-label branding for WordPress backend
  • white-label branding for login


one more plugin that isn’t specifically a white-label branding plugin,
but could be useful for any white-label branding project. 

Menu By User Role 

 Image of 3E66EFB1 AEE5 4FD1 A3EC 8B9B1CC197A5

Menu by User Role gives you complete control over the menus in your WordPress-powered website. You have the ability to:

  • create a public menu
  • create a menu for logged-in users
  • create a separate menu for each user role defined in your website

addition, you can create a custom navigation menu, which can be used
instead of the default menu. In order to use this feature, it must be
registered in the theme’s functions.php file.

can easily add pages, posts, categories, and custom links to the menu.
And you can even create multi-level menus with just a few clicks and
organize them by drag and drop.

This plugin can be used together with  White Label Branding for WordPress.

Free White-Labeling WordPress Plugins

a professional white-label WordPress site, the premium plugins from
CodeCanyon can’t be beat. However, if you want to try creating
white-label WordPress sites for free, here are some plugins you can
start with.

White Label CMS

 Image of C6700D40 4BC6 4884 9E40 E33565218966

White Label CMS plugin is for developers who want to give their clients
a more personalised and less confusing content management system.

White Label—Custom Login & more

 Image of BBB3783A BD27 46C6 BFA6 393C78B7BA20

white label WordPress plugin lets administrators bring clients’
websites to life by creating a complete custom WordPress dashboard with
their own widgets, add custom logo, custom log in and so much more.

Ultimate Client Dash 

 Image of B699C5DF 34A5 4A18 8C5F 328AA72F591F

Ultimate Client Dash you can customize and rebrand the WordPress
dashboard, login page, manage users capabilities, create custom widgets,
and more.

WordPress Admin Theme—Cora

 Image of 9C917E4E 89F3 43F2 8025 707250852596

is the ultimate WordPress admin theme and white label plugin designed
to help you achieve a modern clean look that is harmonious with your
brand. It comes with lots of options to help you customize your admin
area and login page.

Get a White-Labeling WordPress Plugin Now! 

the backend of your clients websites to reflect their unique brand and
messaging with white-labeling WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon.

 Image of BestsellingWhitelabelWP

Finally, increase engagement on your WordPress websites with the help of these articles:

 Image of mf Image of a2 Image of a2t

20 Best Free Club & Party Flyer Background Template Designs 2021

20 Best Free Club & Party Flyer Background Template Designs 2021

Are you a night-club owner or marketer who’s trying to build up a club in 2021? While you’re busy organizing various special events and promotions, don’t forget to get the word out to your potential customer by creating fresh club flyers. 

Are you wondering how to make club flyers that are unique and creative every time? Use pre-built club flyer templates.

 Image of Main Flyer
Third Sense Club Flyer, a premium template from Envato Elements

Pre-built flyer templates help you produce modern flyers that represent your establishment well and entice clubbers. Creating weekly, monthly, or special club flyers will never be a daunting, time-consuming task anymore. 

A well-designed flyer helps you highlight information your potential customers would want to know, like: 

  • featured guest DJs and the weekend lineups
  • ladies’ night promotions
  • happy hour promotions
  • festivals and events
  • special or themed parties and more

Get loads of professionally designed flyer templates to help you create weekly, monthly, or special event flyers. With the right template, your flyer will look unique, grab attention, and, best of all, save you loads of design time. 

This article lists the best 20 free-to-download club flyer templates found online. We’ve also included a list of premium club flyer templates from Envato Elements and some of the best pre-built party flyer templates from GraphicRiver.

Jump right in and explore our curated list to find the best flyer templates for your club. 

Top Club Flyer Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (With Unlimited Use)

As a club owner or marketer, are you consistently wondering how to make club flyers that are not only better than your last one and but also better than your competitors’ flyers? Envato Elements has an endless resource of club flyer templates. It’s the best place to start looking for inspiration.

An Envato Elements subscription gives you unlimited access to an all-you-can-download library of premium creative digital assets, all for a low monthly fee.

 Image of Envato Elements Items
Discover loads of premium club party flyer templates on Envato Elements

By going premium, you’re able to browse through thousands of options and pick a template that fits your club or party perfectly. Premium templates also help you stand out from the crowd and save hours of customization time. 

Use other digital resources from Envato Elements like high-quality stock photos, royalty-free music, videos, creative graphic templates, fonts, and more to improve the standard of your marketing initiatives. The marketing opportunities are endless. 

 Image of envato elements design without limits%20(1)
Download some of the premium best club flyer templates on Envato Elements—with unlimited access

Sure, you could cut corners and use a free-to-download club flyer template found online, but there are only so many options. And how certain are you that your competitors haven’t downloaded the same free flyer? 

Creating a flyer that looks like something another club used in the past is a big no-no. It reflects poorly on your establishment. 

Envato Elements is the best go-to if you want to market your club and party using the best premium club flyer templates. It also gives you unlimited access to thousands of professional and creative digital assets. It’s got so much to offer for a low monthly fee.

And, if you prefer a pay-per-download model, check out the best club and party flyer templates from GraphicRiver. 

5+ Best Premium Party Club Flyer Templates PSD From Envato Elements for 2021

Do you need some club party flyer inspiration for your 2021 marketing initiatives? Here are five of the best premium pre-built club flyers on Envato Elements:

1. Night Club Flyer (PSD)

 Image of Night%20Club%20Flyer

Use this club flyer template to promote all kinds of nightlife events, such as a DJ set, clubbing scene, electro house party, or anything you’ve got in mind. This flyer template features a vibrant and colorful design against a dark background that will attract all eyes! Some of its nice features are:

  • 300DPI / CMYK
  • Size: 1275px x 1875px (4×6)
  • Many color variations
  • Well-organized layers
  • Easy to customize

2. Bold Club Music Night Flyer (PSD, AI)

 Image of Music Night Flyer

This well-organized layered template is fully editable in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Change the main image to an image of your DJ, edit the information, and you’re all set to print. This bright and bold flyer helps you stand out from the crowd. It’ll be remembered for its uniqueness. 

3. Dark Background Club Flyer Template (PSD)

 Image of Club Flyer

Tired of the usual club flyers with a black background? This minimal template has a brilliant burnt orange tone that blends to black. It comes with two PSD files and contains a Facebook event cover. This template is perfect if you need to create flyers, posters, and social media banners to promote your EDM event.

4. Electro Party Flyer (PSD, AI)

 Image of Electro Party Flyer

Do you have a special event at your club? Use this professionally designed flyer for any special event advertising needs you may have. It’s simple, unique, multipurpose, and stands out. Download, edit, and be ready to print in minutes.  

5. Liquid Future Flyer (PSD)

 Image of Liquid Future

Do you need to advertise for an upcoming techno, trance, deep house, or dubstep party? Regardless of the EDM subgenre of your club party, attract the clubbers with this vibrant and futuristic flyer template. A well-designed flyer reflects well on your establishment. Set the stage for your club as the trendy place to be seen for 2021.

6. Exclusive Party Flyer Template (PSD)

 Image of Exclusive%20Party%20Flyer%20Template

The minimalist and geometric design of this party flyer is really eye-catching. A dark background with gold accents is a winning combination that will make your event elegant and exclusive. This party flyer template has some cool features:

  • A4 size without bleed (8.3×11.7 inch) or with bleed (8.5×11.9 inch)
  • Print Ready (CMYK, 300 DPI)
  • Layers are labeled, color coded, and organized in groups for easy navigation

5 Best Premium Party Club Flyer Templates From GraphicRiver for 2021

Like the idea of going premium, but your budget doesn’t permit a monthly fee model for now? If you prefer to pay a single flat fee to download a club or party flyer template, Envato Market offers a pay-per-download model. Check out GraphicRiver, which is part of Envato Market. 

 Image of party%20flyer%20templates%20graphicriver
Best Selling Premium Club Flyer Templates from GraphicRiver for 2021

Check out these modern and premium club flyer templates from GraphicRiver that’ll help you advertise your club event:  

1. Industry – Club Party Flyer (PSD)

 Image of Club Flyer GR

This modern and impressive flyer template comes with all the elements as seen. The image of the model is also included for your use. This makes things a whole lot easier if you don’t have a high-resolution image to use. Just download, edit, and you’re all set for print in minutes.

 2. Night Club Flyer Template Background Bundle (PSD)

 Image of Night Club

Night Club Flyer Template Background Bundle consists of four square club flyer PSD templates. Create a flyer for each weekend in a month and start distributing them early so that partygoers can plan ahead. Square templates make it easy for these to be shared as banners on social media, helping you reach your audience in every possible way.

3. Throwback – Night Club Party Flyer (PSD)

 Image of Throwback

Throwback – Night Club Party Flyer is perfect for anyone who needs to organize and promote an upcoming retro, 70s, 80s, or 90s night for a club. Replace the old analog radio with any other retro element or even the image of the DJ who will be spinning that night. A groovy flyer! 

4. Insomnia – Night Club Flyer or Poster (PSD)

 Image of Insomnia

This template comes in an 8.5×11 inch template with a 0.25-inch bleed. It’s designed for hip hop, alternative, R&B, house, rave, electro, and grunge music club events. It can also be used for a magazine cover or other advertising. Insomnia is a well-organized, fully editable, and professionally designed template. 

5. Night Club Party Flyer Template (PSD)

 Image of Night Club Flyer

Night Club Party Flyer Template is a multipurpose club party flyer. It’s got a fresh summer or spring feel that can be used based on the season and not the genre of music for the party. Easily customize this template to promote your tropical or seasonal party. 

20 Free Club Flyer Templates for Download in 2021 (From Around the Web)

Are you wondering how to make club flyers with little to no budget? Free club flyer templates available online are a good option for those on a really tight budget. Here’s a curated list of 20 best free club flyer templates found online:

1. Night Club Party Flyer Design PSD Freebie is a generic club party template that can be used by any club to promote their events. 

 Image of Night Club Party

2. Neon Night Party Flyer Design PSD is available for free download. This template comes with a black background and neon-colored graphics and fonts.

3. Happy Hour – Free Club Flyer Templates Online is suitable for any club or bar that’s trying to advertise their happy hour promotion along with the special guest DJs. 

4. House Party Flyer Design Free PSD is a colorful and free creative design template that helps you promote your house party event. Here’s a template that’s simple and helps you get straight to the point.

5. Vintage Style – Free Club Flyer Templates Online. Have a retro event or music event to organize on a tight budget? This vintage style flyer may come in handy. 

 Image of Vintage Style Party

6. Electro – Free Club Flyer Templates Online. Promote your electro party at your club with this well-designed club flyer background template. 

7. Club Night PSD Free Flyer Template. This club flyer background features an image of a woman partying with club lighting. This template is versatile enough to be used to create a block party flyer. 

8. Club Vibe DJ Free PSD Flyer Template uses an image from Unsplash, so you don’t have to replace it. This is another simple design that can be used to create a block party flyer.  

9. Neon Club Party PSD Free Flyer Template. This club flyer looks futuristic and uses neon pink lights. This club flyer background is suitable for any modern or electronic music club party. 

 Image of Neon Club Party

10. Free Club Flyer Templates Online. This template has a creative mix of bright and bold colors. It’s a multipurpose template that can be used to create music event flyers, club party flyers, or even block party flyers. 

11. DJ Club Night Free PSD Flyer Template. This template makes it easy to feature a high-quality image of your DJ. An image in low-resolution would ruin the whole flyer.

12. Free Future House Party Flyer Template. Though this future house party flyer template comes in 4×6 inches, it can also be used to create posters and social media banners.

13. Free Night Club Saturday Flyer. This template has a unique deep purple and green background. The main fonts used, though creative, could be hard to read. They may need to be changed.

 Image of Night Club Saturday

14. Free Electro DJ Club Session Flyer Template is a free Photoshop PSD club flyer template that can be used to create club party flyers or block party flyers when you’re on a strict budget. 

15. DJ X Background Club Flyer Template. This template features a bright colorful “X” in the background. The rest of the background is black. Fonts are white and pink.   

16. Deep Blue Club – Free Background Club Flyer Template. Here’s a freebie to help you create a music or club party flyer, poster, or social media banner.

17. Retro Club Party Free Flyer Template is suitable for an 80s or 90s themed party. The retro background club flyer template features a reel-to-reel tape machine in pink, green, and yellow on a black background.  

 Image of Retro Party

18. Electro House Party Flyer Free PSD Template. This template has a unique mix of blue and pink in its background. This causes the image of the featured DJ to stand out without much editing.

19. Free Saturday Night Flyer Template was designed for clubs that need to promote a specific night for a given period. The template comes with a black background and contrasting white and orange fonts.

20. Absolutely Fabulous – Free Flyer Template PSD comes in three color variations: pink, green, and a mix of both. This template was created with luxury and elegance in mind.

Make Great Club Flyers in 2021: 6 Quick Design Ideas

1. Have a Strategic Plan

Take a few minutes to come up with a plan for this marketing initiative. Here are a few ideas to help you get started: 

  • What’s your budget? Your budget determines the quality of the template you use.
  • Do you want the flyer in hard copy (print) or soft copy (digital) format? Or both? 
  • What size does the flyer need to be? 
  • Keep your club concept, party concept, and target audience in mind. Your flyer design needs to match all three aspects. 
  • List all the information that needs to go on the flyer. Remember to keep it short.
  • Can you feature a DJ, or do you have stock images you can use?
  • Do your competitors create flyers? How do they look? How can you break free from the norm?
  • How often do you have to create a flyer? This question helps you pick a pre-built option that suits you best. 

2. The Perfect Pre-Built Template

Regardless of your designing skills, it’s always advisable to get your hands on a good pre-built template and start working off that. 

 Image of Ladies Night Party Flyer
Start with a premium template like Ladies Night Party Flyer on Envato Elements

By leaving the heavy designing tasks to the experts, you can browse through collections and pick the best design for your needs. With basic customization, you’ve got an excellent finished flyer. Just like that, you’ve worked smart, saved yourself some time, and created the best possible party flyer for your club.

3. Stand Out 

How do you make club flyers that stand out and grab attention? Break free from the norm. 

The first step is to figure out what your competitors are doing. By having this information, you’re able to create something unique. For example, are other clubs always creating black club flyer backgrounds? You could try using bright or even white background colors.

 Image of Night%20Club%20DJ%20Flyer
Stand out from the crowd with the bright colored background on this premium party flyer from Envato Elements

When partygoers see your flyer, it needs to grab their attention immediately. How do you make a club flyer that doesn’t get trashed? Focus on the overall look.

At a glance, does your flyer have a pull factor? As you browse through loads of options, pick a template that grabs your attention. If it worked on you, you know you’re starting with a good design. Then, look at your finished flyer with fresh eyes to make sure it hasn’t lost its appeal during customization. 

4. What’s the Focal Point? 

When your viewers get hold of your flyer, where should they look? Where do their eyes go first? What image or text do you want your viewers to see first? 

 Image of Text Club Flyer
Premium Text Club Flyer from Envato Elements creates a unique focal point

Be in control of the focal point with simple adjustments:

  • Fonts. Always make sure the fonts used are easy to read and not distracting.
  • Sizes. Effective use of text hierarchy gives emphasis where needed.
  • Contrast. Use high contrast within your flyer, so the crucial bits pop.

5. Use High-Quality Visuals

The visual on your club flyer background is extremely important to the design of your flyer. Often, it’s the main focal point. 

A bad or low-quality image can ruin your flyer. This is more apparent in printed flyers. Use high-resolution images based on your print requirements. 

6. Leave Plenty of White Space

 Image of DJ Night Party Event
The premium DJ Night Party Event Flyer uses plenty of white space

Use fewer words, uncluttered visuals, and loads of white space to create an impactful club party flyer. This makes your flyer more visually appealing and easier to read. You’ll notice that most modern best club party flyers come with designs that have plenty of white space and minimal information. 

Discover More Great Flyer Templates for 2021

Want more flyer inspiration? Check out our other collections of the best event and product flyers options below before you take your pick. 

Learn More About Flyer Design

If you’re interested in trying to create a club flyer from scratch and learn more about flyer design, the articles below will help.

EXTRA: we’ve compiled a complete guide about flyer design where you’ll find everything there’s to know about it, plus some video courses and flyer inspiration: Flyer Design & Templates

Get a Best Party Club Flyer Template Design Today!

Your club could reach new highs in 2021 with the help of well-designed club party flyers. Print and distribute eye-catching club party flyers to your target audience. Or use them on your social media. 

Not a graphic designer? Not a problem. With the help of premium pre-built templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, you can cut down on your design time and create club flyers like a professional. 

Start by browsing through Envato Elements’ collection of the best club flyer template designs and download as many as you want. That’s right, as many as you want, all for a low monthly free. Rather pay a single flat fee for a template? Check out top party club flyer templates from GraphicRiver that offer a pay-per-download model. 

Even if you can’t afford to go premium just yet, it’s still advisable to use a pre-built template. Our list of 20 free club flyer templates found online should help you through this tight budget period. 

Start working smart—download a premium pre-built template now! 

 Image of mf Image of a2 Image of a2t

The BMW iX Sets a Route Toward an Electrified Future

The BMW iX Sets a Route Toward an Electrified Future

 Image of BMW iX 10 810x526

With a toothy grill grin and a truncated interpretation of the futuristic styling originally hinted by the 2018 BMW iNext concept vehicle reveal, the 2022 BMW iX arrives as a nearly finalized electric-powered flagship SUV whose best features and design details are hidden behind closed doors.

 Image of BMW iX 2 810x447

Crisp and minimalist, the BMW retains some of the hallmark exterior stylings of the iNext concept that inspired the silhouette of this nearly production ready vehicle. But gone are those enormous satellite dish wheels and various subtle styling cues that gave the concept a more dynamic and forward leaning profile.

 Image of BMW iX 14 810x540

That beaver-toothed grill houses BMW’s assortment of driver-assistance sensors (aka “shy tech”).

 Image of BMW iX 9 810x540

The limitations and requirements of safety and manufacturing have edited some of the most bold propositions of the original Vision concept design, but the electric dreams of a sleek living room on wheels remains intact within its four doors  – “a luxurious, lounge-like ambience” that takes advantage of the spacious interior cabin freed up by an electric powered system. A curved 14.9-inch infotainment screen sits center stage across an otherwise restrained dash.

 Image of BMW iX 16 810x540

An end-to-end panoramic glass roof further expands upon the perception of spaciousness, with an electro-chromatic tinting system that automatically dims bright sunlight.

The results are intended to be evocative of a “high-quality piece of furniture,” with an interior that straddles plush comfort with a structural minimalism that doesn’t distract as much as it informs driver and occupants of all the comfort and tech features available. This includes a spare layout of physical controls partnered with a single curved display dedicated to driving controls and infotainment options.

 Image of BMW iX seats 810x540

 Image of BMW iX 3 810x540

While the touch capacitive carpet seats are gone, there’s still an expanse of texture contoured across nearly every surface. Note the angled division of material treatments across the passenger door shown below.

 Image of BMW iX 5 810x540

The BMW iX also has the unique designation as BMW’s first car to have been developed using gaming technology. What does that mean exactly? Engineers and designers used a mixed reality system to review and tweak the static geometry of the iX with a greater deal of simulated interactive feedback via VR headset.

Performance-wise, the SUV – or rather, Sports Activity Vehicle, as BMW is designated the iX – delivers more than 300 miles of range as operated by the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology, harnessing the collaborative effort between two electric motors, the power electronics, the charging technology and the high-voltage battery for a maximum output of more than 370 kW/500 hp. Off the line, the BMW iX will jet from 0 to 62 mph in a hair under 5.0 seconds.

 Image of BMW iX 8 810x540

Expect to see more details about iX well before its early 2022 launch date, with more electrified variants of other models guaranteed to follow the trail blazed by the iX. Tell us what you think below.

 Image of lxtXKOYaZcA

Media “Buzz”: New Paintings by Fred Tomaselli

Media “Buzz”: New Paintings by Fred Tomaselli

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New resin-encased collages by Fred Tomaselli capture the friction of two realities: The drug-like buzz of reading the news with the consistent beauty of life and the universe. His newest works are on view at the James Cohan Gallery in Tribeca while a fantastic 8-minute mini-documentary of the process and ideas can be viewed online (we’ve embedded it at the end).

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 02 810x811

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 03 810x540

Fred Tomaselli at James Cohan Gallery, 2020

Born in California in 1956, Fred Tomaselli is well-known for incorporating real drugs into his paintings. Beginning in the early 90’s, he encased real pills (both over-the-counter and “psychoactive”) and other materials within thick layers of clear resin to create colorful kaleidoscopic collages.

Recently, Tomaselli has dropped the pills (though hemp leaves often remain) in exchange for a new type of “buzz”: the onslaught of media headlines. Preserved in thick resin, fragments of The New York Times jump out as partial sparks of recognition or blur together in an overwhelming hum of never-ending chatter. Text swirls like a violent wind, pierces through clouds like sun rays or spirals like a hypnosis device.

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 04 810x830

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 05 810x1215

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020 (detail)

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 06 810x540

Fred Tomaselli at James Cohan Gallery, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 08 810x829

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 09 810x540

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020 (detail)

Though dazzlingly colorful and weightless, the larger narrative is often darker than it first appears. For example, the colorful feathers of birds are created from countless images of plastic products while flames and smoke that may recall the California wildfires. And yet through it all, a whirling spiritual energy feels dreamlike and surreal, recalling something beyond our normal perception.

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 10 810x980

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2019

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 11 810x540

Fred Tomaselli at James Cohan Gallery, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 12 810x830

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 13 810x1080

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020 (detail)

In addition to the eight large resin paintings, Tomaselli is also presenting 14 altered newspaper headlines. Though this series began in 2005, every newspaper featured here was published and created during the pandemic. Tomaselli cuts, adds or alters an image to produce a jarring conflict of emotions with the day’s headline. Psychedelic rainbows and swilling backgrounds smash into current events. It’s difficult to know what to feel, which only adds to their intrigue and disbelief.

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 14 810x540

Fred Tomaselli at James Cohan Gallery, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 15 810x875

Fred Tomaselli, March 13, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 17 810x851

Fred Tomaselli, April 9, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 19 810x801

Fred Tomaselli, June 1, 2020

 Image of Fred Tomaselli James Cohan 20 810x790

Fred Tomaselli, August 21, 2020

The 8-minute mini-documentary is well worth your time (below).  Produced by James Cohan Gallery and filmed in Fred Tomaselli’s studio, it’s nothing short of inspirational.

I’d also recommend a quick visit to the gallery’s digital viewing site for more images and quotes from the artist.

What: Fred Tomaselli
Where: James Cohan Gallery, 48 Walker Street, New York, NY
When: October 23 – November 21, 2020

All image: © Fred Tomaselli 2020. Courtesy the artist and James Cohan, New York. Photographs by Phoebe d’Heurle.

Video is courtesy James Cohan, New York.

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Top New CMS Plugins, November 2020

Top New CMS Plugins, November 2020

 Image of featured plugins scaled Since there are so many CMS plugins out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones for your website. We’ve done the research for you; this list contains the top new CMS plugins for November 2020. You’ll find useful plugins for WordPress, Craft, Shopify, and Joomla.

Let’s get started…


404 Page Editor

404 Page Editor is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you add custom text to the default 404 page on your website. The plugin comes with seasonal and industry-related 404 templates. One useful feature of the plugin is that it backups your current 404 page before changing it. So you can restore the backup page anytime you choose. The plugin duplicates your current 404.php page to wp-content/uploads/404-page-editor/ so you can easily find it. You can also change the text on the plugin to fit your local dialect. 

UnusedCSS Power-Up

Most WordPress themes and plugins load their CSS in the wrong areas of your website. This can slow down your site. A slow website will reduce user experience and lead to increased bounce rates.

UnusedCSS will help reduce the size of your website’s CSS files by up to 95%. The best part is that the plugin works automatically. It will remove any unused CSS when visitors view any page on your website. UnusedCSS will automatically reduce your website’s load times by reducing your CSS files and page size. The plugin also optimizes the performance of other WordPress plugins and extensions. UnusedCSS also works with WooCommerce themes and plugins.

Simple Redirects

Simple Redirects is a WordPress plugin that helps you to automatically redirect requests to another page on your site or any other place on the web. The plugin allows you to easily redirect users from your old web pages to new pages using 301 or 302 redirects. You don’t have to worry about losing backlinks or page rank. Any incoming links to the old web page will be automatically passed along to the new page. The page rank on the old page is also transferred to the new page. The plugin is useful when migrating a WordPress site when don’t want to retain the URL structure. 

HTML Validation

HTML Validation plugin helps you identify any HTML validation errors on your website. The plugin works automatically in the background of your website and will send you regular reports. There is a progress bar on the report screen to show you the progress of the scan. The plugin uses WordPress Cron to scan the content of your website. There is also an option for the plugin to automatically fix any HTML validation issues on your website. You can also choose to fix the issues manually. 

Just Highlight

Just Highlight is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you highlight text in your posts or pages. You can use this plugin to highlight any portion of the page you want to draw the reader’s attention to. You can highlight the background of the page and also add animation to the highlighted text. In the WordPress admin area, you can change the speed and color of the animation. The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg, and the WordPress classic editor. 

DeviantArt Embed

DeviantArt Embed is a simple plugin that helps you embed any work from Deviant Art into a post. The plugin provides a block for the WordPress block editor so you can easily embed the image. It uses a DeviantArt oEmbed API to pull the images and their descriptions, and creates an embedded image. 

Static Optimizer

Static Optimizer is a static file optimization plugin that serves and optimizes static files on your website. The plugin will help you increase your website speed by automatically compressing your static files. It is easy to set up, you just need an API key to get started. Other useful features that the plugin offers include automatic JS and CSS minification, automatic image optimization, and processing of responsive images. You don’t have to worry about losing your files if their server is down. The plugin automatically backs up your files and will load your original files when their servers are down (either because of an upgrade, maintenance, or outage).  By default, only images are compressed when you activate the plugin; you can also choose to optimize fonts, CSS, and JS files. 


RankBear is a keyword rank tracker plugin that helps you analyze your SEO efforts. With RankBear, you can track the keywords for each of the posts and pages on your site. While the plugin has a paid plan, you can track up to five keywords for free. On the free plan, you will receive weekly reports on each keyword you are tracking. You can search for the rank and volume of a keyword in every location supported by the Google search engine. RankBear is a lightweight software-as-a-service plugin hosted by Amazon Cloud Services. The plugin also offers the option to download the keyword reports to CSV. 

Table of Contents Block

Table of Contents Block is a plugin that allows you to easily create a Table of Contents for your WordPress posts. The plugin is lightweight and will automatically add a Table of Content in your website’s posts and pages. You can select the heading tags you want to add to the Table of Content. It also has a dedicated support team to assist you. The plugin works fine with all standard WordPress themes. 

Markease For WooCommerce

Markeaze is an all-in-one communication plugin that allows you to add live chat to your online stores. The plugin will help you improve your customer service by decreasing your response times. With the plugin, you can collect your visitor’s contact information via a widget. This feature is useful in building a subscriber database. You can also use the plugin to track customer behavior on your site, inform customers about new products, help customers with active orders, and collect customer feedback. You can also use the auto-reply function to answer commonly asked questions. 

Craft CMS

Image Toolbox

Image Toolbox is a Craft CMS plugin that offers image-related tools for your templates. The plugin will automatically create a WebP variant of the images you upload. It also has a fallback for browsers that do not support WebP images. Other useful features the plugin offers include automatic creation of placeholder images and generation of responsive images with multiple variants. The plugin also supports Imager-X (or old Imager). 

Element Panel

Element Panel plugin allows you to add elements and an eager-loading panel to the debug toolbar. This feature will help you benchmark your templates in Craft CMS. For elements, the panel has a dashboard that shows how many elements are populated. It also shows how many elements are duplicates. The plugin also shows you how many eager-loading elements are detected. Duplicate elements are grouped by field name. 


VStore Shoppable Videos

VStore Shoppable Videos is a Shopify plugin that allows your customers to shop directly from your videos. The plugin allows you to embed your products into any video. Since videos have a high engagement rate, this plugin will significantly improve your store’s conversion rates. 

ProofMotion Video Testimonials

ProofMotion Video Testimonials plugin helps you to easily collect video testimonials. The plugin sends an automated email or SMS requests to customers asking for their satisfaction feedback after making a purchase. The responses are analyzed to determine whether the customer had a negative or positive experience. Customers that offer negative feedback are sent to customer care to help them with the problem they encountered. Happy customers are prompted to make video testimonials of their positive shopping experience. ProofMotion guides the customer through the interview so they can give the best testimonial. They also offer an on-site widget so you can easily share your testimonials. 

Real ID

Real ID is a Shopify plugin that allows you to verify customers’ real identity using a photo ID and facial biometrics. The plugin is perfect for orders that have an age restriction, verifying flagged fraud goods, and selling expensive goods. Real ID will help you identify whether a government-issued-ID is fake during fulfilment. All the customer needs to do is take a selfie on their phone. This way, even if a customer has access to a stolen physical ID, they won’t still be able to make any purchase. The plugin can verify documents such as passports, visas, national IDs, driver licenses, and more. Real ID will help you handle GDPR compliance. The plugin is available in hundreds of countries around the world. 



Accessibility is a Joomla plugin that allows your website visitors to easily access your website content. The plugin will remove any barrier between the visitor and your Joomla site. There is no coding required and you can customize the plugin directly from the module manager. The plugin has a useful feature called Dyslexic Readability; this feature allows your visitors to set the entire document font to a dyslexic-friendly font. Visitors can also grayscale the page, resize the fonts, and resize the word space. From the backend module, you can add any custom CSS and JS. The plugin is also available in 12 different languages. 

Reading Time

Reading Time is a simple plugin that will help you easily show the reading time of your Joomla articles. The plugin is easy to set up and does not require any coding. You can customize every parameter, including the text, in minutes. You can also choose to exclude categories, articles, and menu items. Reading Time also allows you to easily add custom CSS code from the plugin parameters. 


Featured image via Pexels.


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