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Movimento Hits the Design Scene with The Lost Place Exhibition

Movimento Hits the Design Scene with The Lost Place Exhibition

 Image of Movimento Featured Image 810x538

The Movimento project began as a way to promote, connect and support emerging designers and brands by Artefatto Design Studio. They play the role as collective, design gallery and e-commerce, while representing individuals throughout the world.

As we know all too well, nothing is functioning as normal this year. In lieu of being able to make their physical debut in 2020, the newly formed Movimento teamed up with visual artist Another Artist to create a series of seven rendered exhibition spaces featuring products from their members. Entitled The Lost Place, Artefatto Design Studio has selected 40 large architectural pieces by 40 young designers.

 Image of Movimento 1 810x810

Itaewon Chair by Common Accounts (foreground), Planar 001 by Tomasso Spinzi for Studio Effe (back left) and the Ch’up chair by Claudia Suarez Ahedo (right)

The Lost Place’s virtual reality exhibition occurs in barren sandscapes, in a world where viewers can control their experience sans headset from a web browser. Pay attention and you’ll notice references to great designers and architects throughout, such as John Pawson, Claudio Silvestrin, Ettore Sottsass, Tadao Ando, Etienne Boullee, Carlo Scarpa and Stanley Kubrick.

 Image of Movimento 2 810x810

(from left to right) Onda Side Table by Federica Elmo, La Redonda Chair by Bodegon Cabinet and the Kalokagathos Table by Jiri Krejcirik

 Image of Movimento 3 810x810

Onda Side Table by Federica Elmo

 Image of Movimento 4 810x810

Itaewon Chair by Common Accounts and Planar 001 Table by Tomasso Spinzi for Studio Effe

 Image of Movimento 5 810x810

(from left to right) One Curve Chair from Objects With Narratives, The Absence Mirror from Celo.1 and the Tangent Console from Secolo

 Image of Movimento 6 810x810

Tangent Console from Secolo

 Image of Movimento 7 810x810

(from left to right) Nido Chair by Estudio Persona, Ondulato console by CARA DAVIDE, Circles 0.2 Rug by Celo.1, Onda Coffee table by Federica Elmo

 Image of Movimento 10 810x810

Nido Chair by Estudio Persona

 Image of Movimento 8 810x810

Crooked Lounge Chair by Nazara Lazaro (foreground), the Cosette Bookshelf by lapiegaWD (back) and the U-Bench by Cuff Home (right)

 Image of Movimento 9 810x810

Crooked Lounge Chair by Nazara Lazaro

 Image of Movimento 11 810x810

Plump Side Table by Ian Alistair Cochran

You can explore the first exhibition from Movimento at

 Image of 0IZOQ56 e3w

Take 5: Storm King Turns 60, Treat Your Chakras + Masks Without Limits

Take 5: Storm King Turns 60, Treat Your Chakras + Masks Without Limits

Every other week we’re inviting one of the Design Milk team to share five personal favorites – an opportunity for each of us to reveal the sort of designs we use and appreciate in our own lives from a more personal perspective. Senior Editor Kelly Beall returns this week for our Take 5 series…

 Image of Take5 Andy Goldsworthy Storm King 111 810x540

1. Storm King Art Center Celebrates 60 Years
Storm King, a 500-acre outdoor outdoor museum located in New York’s Hudson Valley, is one of my happy places. Since 1960 visitors have been able to experience large-scale sculpture and site-specific commissions out in the open. The Art Center has a focus on nurturing the bond between art, nature and people, while supporting artists and their dynamic visions.

 Image of Take5 Nanaka Chakra Gift Set 810x810

2. Nanaka
Like a lot of people, I’ve been focusing on self-care and wellness for the past few years. Aside from developing a skincare routine, I’ve also begun meditating. Nanaka’s perfumes align with your chakras, while their bath salts and skincare products will help you unwind. All of their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates and animal testing.

 Image of Take5 Hack Care 810x463

3. Hack Care
Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease to not only have, but to watch your loved one suffer through. I was a caretaker for my step-grandfather for eight months as he went through its paces, and would have loved to have a tool like Hack Care at my disposal. It’s a book and website that offers tips and tricks for creating a dementia-friendly home.

 Image of Take5 Masks Felicia Murray Our Dying Reefs 810x538

Felicia Murray, Our Dying Reefs

4. Mask
Face masks are our new daily reality, so I enjoyed seeing this exhibition that puts a creative twist on the accessory we’re all (hopefully) wearing. On show at Vicki Myhran Gallery at the University of Denver through December 1st, Mask gives artists a new type of canvas on which to display self-expression. From plaster to plastic, you’re going to want to see these creations for yourself.

 Image of Take5 Konzuk Small Orbis Concrete Tealights 810x777

5. Small Orbis Concrete Tealights
This trio of concrete tealights from Konzuk are stunning, with each vessel handcrafted and filled with vegan soy wax. They’re only one of several pieces that feature this concrete orb as there are also single versions and larger options if you want to make a real statement.

 Image of uG6ar2DV ys

Wescover: An Online Marketplace That Connects You With Designers + Makers

Wescover: An Online Marketplace That Connects You With Designers + Makers

 Image of Wescover 15 Wolf City 810x490

Wescover is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you know all about it. It’s an online platform that connects you directly with artists and designers allowing you to see a range of their work while learning more about them and the stories behind their designs. Wescover hosts all kinds of creators, from those just starting out to the established studios with expansive collections. The site lets you easily search for the types of items you’re looking for, a specific creator, or for something you’ve come across in a certain space, like a restaurant, hotel, or art gallery, that you’re interested in. You can order work the creators currently make or enlist them to design a custom piece that’s specific to your needs. By working directly with the creators, you’re supporting self-employed, independent artists and designers, while acquiring the perfect light fixture, piece of art, or chair you’ve always wanted.

To get a better idea of how Wescover works, we picked three finished projects and talked to both sides – the client and the maker – who shared more about the process and their experience.

 Image of Wescover 2 Tina Frey Egg Yolk Bench 810x1080

Creator: Tina Frey
Project Summary: Tina created her long resin bench in a custom egg yolk yellow color for her client Marris. Tina’s team handles custom requests like this often and Marris also owns a number of Tina’s pieces in addition to the bench!

 Image of Wescover 3 Tina Frey Egg Yolk Bench 810x851

From Tina Frey’s buyer, Marris Goldberg, on the process:

How did you hear of Wescover?

I googled Tina Frey bench and Wescover had a picture of the milking stool with an adorable golden doodle. I was able to contact Tina Frey through Wescover for a custom order.

How did you find Tina Frey and what inspired you to work with her?

I own several Tina Frey bowls and vases, and have always been a fan of her colorful resin pieces. I also have her milking stool in yellow and wanted another yellow piece to pop in my family room. I prefer bright colors in my art and furniture as opposed to paint on the wall. Tina’s pieces are works of art and bring me joy.

What was the process?

Through Wescover, I was able to email and inquire if I could order the bench in yellow. I was contacted by Kelly Morton, and was able to place a custom order.

What was it like talking to Tina and did you feel a connection to her work after?

I don’t recall communicating with Tina directly, but I still feel like I have a connection to her as I have her resin pieces displayed in my home. Her colorful pieces have helped brighten my mood as they surround me and my family. We’ve been staying home since March and feel at peace as I look around my house. The yellow bench coordinates with my yellow Hay pillows and yellow DWR island chairs.

How has this piece impacted your space? Where did it end up and how does it look?

The yellow bench is a beautiful focal point in our family room. It looks like sunshine.

 Image of Wescover 4 Tina Frey Egg Yolk Bench 810x1080

From Tina Frey, the designer, on the process:

How was it working together with Marris on the custom bench?

It was easy and a pleasure to work with the customer. We love communicating directly with customers since it gives us a better idea of exactly what they are looking for and it is great to get to know who they are. We love to see where the products end up in someone’s space.

What was the process on Wescover?

The process is very straightforward since we already have quite an extensive collection of designs that range from furniture, to serving pieces, tableware, home accessories, and decorative objects. Customers usually see something they like and we are able to easily adapt by creating a custom color. Sometimes a customer wants to adjust the size of an existing style and this is possible, too. Sometimes, we have completely new custom designs and they may originate from a sketch, or I may sculpt a completely new design in clay.

What’s different about the clients/buyers who reach out to you via Wescover?

We like how the clients from Wescover appreciate design and unique artisanal objects. We also like how the customer likes to connect with the person who actually created the item. It is a nice human connection.

What’s the most rewarding part of working with clients on custom work?

I love hearing the customer’s enthusiasm for the material we work with. The resin material has interesting qualities that can mimic, glass, ceramic, stone, and porcelain and it is an endless variety of creativity. Many new designs spawn from requests by customers and this is truly inspiring to me and my work. It continues to evolve and it is exciting to see what’s next.

What styles of spaces do you love to see your work in?

The fun of our collection is that it works well in a range of spaces. It can range from minimalist decors, modern interiors, traditional or vintage settings, to natural beachy environments. Depending on the color and selection, it can be quite adaptable and versatile and that is what we love about the pieces.

 Image of Wescover 5 Tina Frey Egg Yolk Bench 810x810

 Image of Wescover 5m Tina Frey Egg Yolk Bench 810x1013

Tina Frey

 Image of Wescover 6 Neptune Lights 810x540

Creator: Neptune Glassworks, Uri Davillier
Project Summary: Uri created hand blown glass string lights in a custom size/length for Roby. Roby inquired to get the custom size as well as confirm the durability of the outdoor lights, how to install and arrival date. Uri personally handled his inquiry and also assisted with the remote install. Note, Roby is Wescover’s co-founder Rachely’s husband. Roby is behind the remodel of their house and organized with Neptune Glassworks independently.

 Image of Wescover 7 Neptune Lights 810x608

From Neptune Glassworks’ buyer, Robby, on the process:

How did you find Neptune Glassworks and what inspired you to work with them? Why were you looking for something unique?

I like quality items that have a fine and unique look. In this specific case, we bought standard quality outdoor lights to string across our rooftop patio but it gets windy in San Francisco and the cheap lights kept collapsing. At first I just replaced and rehung the lower quality lights. When they collapsed for the second time, our daughter was outside with us and it was scary. Instead of buying another strand of off-the-shelf lights, we decided to invest in something more durable and beautiful. I looked at Neptune Glassworks on Wescover and I was very impressed by their style and fine work. Before buying their Festoon Lights, I wanted to ask about custom options, delivery timing, and install. I needed to know if they could make them in a special size so they’d span our patio without an extender or sagging. Ideally we wanted to have them up by 4th of July so I asked if they’d arrive in time and if he could help me install them remotely. I enjoyed communicating with Uri and it worked out perfectly. They made everything on time and sent really detailed instructions so we could install them ourselves and they’re going to survive more than a year!

What design concerns/considerations did you have?

High quality (more durable). Unique and beautiful (custom sizing). Contact-less install (helpful with install from afar).

What was the Wescover process like?

I found the creator on Wescover, sent an inquiry through the website and the founder Uri messaged me back. We exchanged several emails to discuss the details: design, specs, price, and payment. From the time we submitted the order, it took just a couple of weeks to receive the handmade lights and detailed instructions from Uri on how to install them.

How has this piece impacted your space?

Unique, handblown glass lighting definitely upgraded the look of our deck. The pieces are high quality, durable, and were customized to fit perfectly so they’re going to last. I appreciated how Uri sent detailed instructions to help with the install from afar, too!

 Image of Wescover 9 Neptune Lights 810x810

Uri Davillier of Neptune Glassworks

From Uri Davillier, the designer, on the process:

What was the Wescover process like?

Robby reached out to us asking for a couple custom lengths of our Festoon String Lights. I needed a few dimensions from him which were promptly returned to us along with a rough sketch to help us understand the space. With that information we were able to work out a design and produced an installation guide so his electrician and GC could prepare for the arrival of the lamps. A few weeks later we sent him the lighting and he sent us some pics of the lights installed a few days later.

What’s the most rewarding part of working with clients on custom work?

Bringing something to life which has never existed and knowing that we have brightened someone’s life with a beautiful piece of our work.

What elements of custom work make it challenging?

Inefficiencies inevitably come up and solving some problems can be quite frustrating.

What’s different about the clients/buyers who reach out to you via Wescover?

Clients who have reached out to us on Wescover tend to be design savvy and tend to trust us to help them create something special.

What kinds of future clients would you want to reach out via Wescover?

As we navigate the new economy this year, we find ourselves shifting quite dramatically from commercial to residential clients. Wescover is a great resource for finding new clients that we can work with one-on-one. I look forward to not just working on custom projects but would also look to sell some of our line items.

 Image of Wescover 16 Wolf City 810x1080

Creator: Wolf City Design, Alexa Williams
Project Summary: Custom tile murals for a full kitchen installation and a large outdoor fireplace mural. Creator shipped it and sent instructions for the contractor to install with very detailed description and design info.

 Image of Wescover 17 Wolf City 810x1080


From Gillian, the buyer, on the process:

How did you find Wolf City Designs and what inspired you to work with Alexa?

I was researching an artist and the search led me to Wescover. I saw Alexa’s murals on the site and they were so original and artistic. I loved the idea of commissioning an artist to create something unexpected and bespoke for my kitchen, and that led to our collaboration on the mural for the outdoor fireplace.

Once you found the right fit, what was the creative process like?

Effortless! When you are working with real talent, the taste level is there. We immediately got on the same wavelength. When describing to her what my vision for my home and garden in Venice was, Alexa just “got it” and we were in a flow from day one.

How has this piece impacted your space?

I love knowing that behind each element that went into designing my dream home, there are stories – and I have so many of them! So every time I am in my kitchen, gazing at Alexa’s dynamic swirls, or in my garden under my old magnolia tree, gazing at her layered palm fronds, I can reminisce over the happy days of creating and fantasizing with such a talented artist. I am more of a process-over-product kind of girl anyway, so I love the souvenirs that remind of what a wonderful process building my home was.

 Image of Wescover 18 Wolf City 810x1080

 Image of Wescover 19 Wolf City 810x1080

From Alexa Williams, the designer, on the process:

For this job I spent a lot of time working directly with the client to source the design direction and put together a project proposal responding to her conceptual ambitions of bringing the garden to the next level. From there we created a palette of greens and blacks and a pattern using palm fronds to make something entirely unique and site-specific to her garden. The jobs we’ve landed through Wescover are always a pleasure, leading to new motifs collaborated with the incredible clients they’ve introduced us to. It’s a great resource for Wolf City!

How was it working together with Gillian on the custom tile murals?

I love working with Gillian. She is dedicated to the client-creator relationship and has cultivated an incredible team of people she respects to build her dream home. She is focused and decisive, yet open to exploration and new ideas. We had a lot of fun thinking together and were always on the same page when it came to direction. It’s been an honor to take part in the making of such a special home.

What was the process like?

Gillian saw my images on Wescover and knew what she wanted for her kitchen. We discussed how we could use the sheen, palette and composition to elevate her space. For the outdoor fireplace, we talked a lot about the features of the location. Her face lit up when she talked about her love for the trees and how the architecture of her home was designed around the garden fireplace as the central focal point. So, I proposed incorporating palm leaves into the mural to echo the garden. We talked through glaze options and decided on the composition. The piece brings historical references to Japanese bamboo murals and metaphors of renewal into a fresh and contemporary light.

What’s different about the clients/buyers who reach out to you via Wescover?

I get a lot of work through word of mouth from past jobs, but when clients come to me through Wescover there’s always an element of fresh exploration that leads to new and exciting creative collaboration.

What styles of spaces do you love to see your work in?

I love generating the visual articulation of client ideas. Whether residential or commercial, the pieces I end up loving the most grow from enthusiastic collaboration and create personal results.

What’s the most rewarding part of working with clients on custom work?

Collaboration with clients creates unexpected thrills. Listening to them talk about their space informs my creative approach and results in something that reflects our process of having built it together. I always feel such a sense of honor when the piece is finally installed permanently in someone’s space, because I know I was able to provide them with something they love.

Why should a client reach out via Wescover?

Finding interesting art and design can be daunting and repetitive. Wescover is a highly curated platform with an incredible spectrum of unique creators that provide refreshing options that people can trust.

 Image of Wescover 13 Wolf City 810x621

Alexa Williams of Wolf City Design

 Image of aloMy213hWg

28 Best Instagram Post Templates Using an Instagram Post Creator

28 Best Instagram Post Templates Using an Instagram Post Creator

Instagram is one of the hottest social media channels around at the moment, and brands are cashing in on that popularity by jumping on the Instagram bandwagon in record numbers. For small businesses with limited staff and resources, it can be a challenge to create new and eye-catching posts daily, and this is where a tool like the Instagram Post Creator can be a life saver. 

 Image of Social Media Post Template for Tutorials

The Instagram Ad Template Post Creator provides you with a number of gorgeous editable Instagram post templates that you can customise in a matter of minutes to create your own unique Instagram posts. Let’s take a look at what I mean. 

How to Use an Editable Instagram Post Template

Follow these steps to help you create your own striking Instagram ad template. Alternatively, you can follow along over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

1. Navigate to the Templates for Instagram Posts at Placeit.

 Image of instagram post template 1

2. Review the Instagram post templates on offer and select the one you like the most.

 Image of instagram post template 2

3. Customise your blank Instagram post template as much or as little as you like. 

Starting with the controls on the left, you can add your own text and change the font style and colour to match your brand. 

 Image of instagram post template 3

Moving to the controls on the right, you can change the graphics used in the design and their colour. 

 Image of instagram post template 4

Using the settings on the bottom right, you can also change your background image by using any of the ones provided or uploading your own. 

 Image of instagram post template 5a

You can resize any of your text and graphics and move them around to find the layout that’s right for you. If you’re not happy with the changes you’ve made, you can hit the Reset Layout button to return the design to its original layout.

 Image of instagram post template 6

4. Once you’re satisfied with your Instagram template, hit the download button at the top of the screen.

Download your Instagram template for a small fee, or if you regularly need blank Instagram post templates and other resources like flyers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly plan may be the best deal for you. 

And that’s how you use an Instagram post template to make your own unique Instagram post in four simple steps. 

 Image of instagram post template 7

28 Best Instagram Post Templates 

Check out these Instagram post designs made using the Instagram ad template creator. You can use these as a starting point to create your own Instagram post.

1. Cool Instagram Post Generator for a Giveaway

 Image of Cool Instagram Post Generator for a Giveaway

A terrific template for fashion brands that want a professional template for use in Instagram posts, this template offers a gorgeous selection of fonts, loads of cool images, and stylish graphics. 

2. Healthy Lifestyle Social Media Post Template

 Image of Healthy Lifestyle Social Media Post Template

Are you a food, health or lifestyle brand looking for beautiful Instagram stories templates? This template, with its beautiful frames and bold fonts, is for you. What’s wonderful about this template is that it is flexible enough to be adapted and used for posts as well. 

3. Instagram Post Template for Pride Month

 Image of Instagram Post Template for Pride Month

Isn’t it wonderful to be living in a time when more and more countries and people are recognising that “Love is Love” and that LGBTQI people have a right to enjoy the same freedoms, rights and protections under the law as heterosexuals do? For those times when you want to celebrate LGBTQI people, there is this wonderful editable Instagram Post Template.

4. Instagram Post Maker for a Giveaway

 Image of Instagram Post Maker for a Giveaway

Whether you run giveaways pretty often or from time to time, this template will help your post stand out in a busy Instagram timeline. Just upload a photo of your product, change the text, and your template is ready for use. 

5. Elegant Instagram Post Template for Announcements

 Image of Elegant Instagram Post Template for Announcements

Let your fans and followers know about your next sale or the arrival of a new collection with this stylish template for Instagram posts. You can modify the colours in both banners and in the frame and of course add your own riveting image.

6. Edgy Instagram Post Creator for Fashion Sales

 Image of Edgy Instagram Post Creator for Fashion Sales

Just to show you what we mean about customising the template to make it your own, here’s a version of the previous one with a different photo, different banner and frame colours, as well as different text for an entirely different clientele. 

7. Happiness Quotes Instagram Post Maker

 Image of Happiness Quotes Instagram Post Maker

Who doesn’t love a great quote? Use this great template for an Instagram post as your go-to signature style for quotes, and update the background and colours to make it uniquely yours. 

8. Social Media Post Template – Pinterest Post Maker

 Image of Social Media Post Template   Pinterest Post Maker

Instagram is a great vehicle to advertise and promote new posts that you’ve added to your blog, so I’ve included some pretty awesome blank Instagram post templates you can use to show off your  post topics to their best advantage. 

9. Social Media Post Template for Instagram

 Image of Social Media Post Template for Instagram

If you’re looking for a super versatile template for promoting your new topics on your blog, check this one out. It features almost 100 backgrounds in tons of different patterns and themes that can be colour customised to suit your needs. 

10. Travel Social Media Post Template

 Image of Travel Social Media Post Template

Long-term travel has reinvented itself as a 21st-century obsession, so of course there is a suitable fake Instagram post template with travel photo, graphics, and bold text for all the travel bloggers out there. 

11. Advice Post Maker for Instagram

 Image of Advice Post Maker for Instagram

Here’s another template that can be used to promote travel-themed blog posts. Indeed, it can be used to promote a wide range of other kinds of blog posts as well, with a change of image and text. 

12. Philosophy Quote Post Maker for Instagram

 Image of Philosophy Quote Post Maker for Instagram

Lovers of quirky illustration will adore this template theme, which features a wonderful selection of endearing illustrations to which you can add your favourite quotes. 

13. Accessory Giveaway Insta Post Template

 Image of Accessory Giveaway Insta Post Template

A clever approach to giveaways, this template uses a ripped paper frame through which you can see the giveaway. You can colour the paper frame in the colour of your choice and add your image of the giveaway to the background.

14. Social Media Post Creator for Travel Agencies

 Image of Social Media Post Creator for Travel Agencies

Here’s another wonderful Instagram template for travel enthusiasts, bloggers, and agencies. You can customise this template by uploading your favourite photo (or using the photo provided) for the background image and then adding your text. 

15. Followers Number Landmark Post Maker for Instagram

 Image of Followers Number Landmark Post Maker for Instagram

Celebrate your follower count landmark with this awesome editable Instagram post template. Choose your background, add your text, download your template, and upload it to your Instagram account.

16. Social Media Post Template With Makeup Graphics

 Image of Social Media Post Template with Makeup Graphics

A template dedicated to beauty bloggers and others working in the beauty industry, this editable Instagram post template uses fun illustrations and striking text to hold your viewers’ attention.

17. Social Media Post Template – Facebook Banner Size

 Image of Social Media Post Template   Facebook Banner Size

Fabulous top and bottom graphics make this template stand out from the pack. There are hundreds to choose from, and what’s more, you can custom colour them to suit your taste or your brand. 

18. Social Media Post Template for Bloggers

 Image of Social Media Post Template for Bloggers

Following the style of the Instagram template above, this theme offers hundreds of cool centre graphics that you can add to your design to give it some pizzazz.

19. Social Media Post Template Adventure

 Image of Social Media Post Template Adventure

Another awesome Instagram template for travel businesses, this theme is one that you can modify as much or as little as you like. Start your customisation by adding your text, then select an image from one of the many provided that suits your theme, and you’re done. Or you can upload your own images, customise the colours, and experiment with the hundreds of great graphics available. 

20. Followers Milestone Template for an Instagram Post

 Image of Followers Milestone Template for an Instagram Post

An alternative to the follower-milestone Instagram template already featured here, this theme uses amazing accents and stand-out fonts to honour your fans in the way they deserve. 

21. Social Media Post Template – Facebook Image Generator

 Image of Social Media Post Template   Facebook Image Generator

This is an Instagram template for businesses and lovers of the outdoors. Add your own gorgeous photo to the background, and then select a graphic that works for you or upload your own logo. Then all that’s left is to add your text and you’re done. 

22. Social Media Image Maker for Nail Art

 Image of Social Media Image Maker for Nail Art

This is a super stylish editable Instagram post template designed specifically for manicurists and beauty bloggers, although it can also be used by any other kind of business with an appropriate change of image and text. 

23. Social Media Post Template – Twitter Post Photo

 Image of Social Media Post Template   Twitter Post Photo

The great thing about templates is that you can access stylishly arranged text in every template with no effort whatsoever. This template is no exception. If you were creating your own Instagram post template PSD file in Photoshop, it would take you much longer to create than the two minutes this awesome template takes to customise. 

24. Marketing Post Template for Instagram

 Image of Marketing Post Template for Instagram

This split frame template allows for loads of customisation. Choose your desired colour on the left and upload an image on the right, or select one that comes with the template. You can then add a transparent colour overlay to match or complement the colour you’ve chosen on the right. Alternatively, you can forgo an image completely and just go with a solid background colour of your choice that complements or matches the colour on the left. 

25. Instagram Post Template for Blog Tips

 Image of Instagram Post Template for Blog Tips

If you like the split frame effect above, here is another example that shows how the template would look with totally different customisation. 

26. Instagram Giveaway Post Maker

 Image of Instagram Giveaway Post Maker

Expand the options of templates you can use for giveaways with this cool template that gives you a selection of textured backgrounds surrounding a polaroid-style frame to which you can add your giveaway of choice. 

27. Instagram Post Template With Cute Illustrations

 Image of Instagram Post Template with Cute Illustrations

If your brand style is cute and quirky, you’ll love this Instagram post template, which features a wonderful selection of sweet illustrations that can be applied to a number of different businesses. 

28. Chic Instagram Post Template

 Image of Chic Instagram Post Template

Looking for a stylish quotation template for your Instagram posts? This is the template for you, with its elegant illustrations, vintage fonts, and clean, modern style. 

Use These Editable Instagram Post Templates and Create Your Own Unique Instagram Posts

Blank Instagram post templates are a terrific tool for helping you make an Instagram post quickly and easily, with minimal cost. These 28 templates for Instagram posts are just a few of the Instagram templates to be found at Placeit. I hope they have given you tons of great ideas and you now feel confident that you know how to use a fake Instagram post template. Use your favourite template to make your own Instagram post and share it with us here. We’d love to see what you come up with.

And if you’re interested in designing other resources like flyers, movie posters, magazine covers, etc., here are some great templates for you:

 Image of mf Image of a2 Image of a2t

34 Best Modern Sans Serif Fonts (Ready to Download Now)

34 Best Modern Sans Serif Fonts (Ready to Download Now)

Looking for modern sans serif fonts for your next design project? Whether you fancy thin modern fonts or modern bold fonts, this list is full of some of the best modern fonts to download now.

 Image of best modern fonts 3
Download modern sans serif fonts, like this sans serif font family on Envato Elements.

Sans serif fonts have only continued to grow in popularity over the years. Why? Perhaps a big part of it is their versatility. Many of the best modern fonts can both hold their own and act as a complement to other fonts. However, some sans serif type takes a more decorative approach and stands out as eye-catching display type. There’s a lot to see and consider.

That said, if you’re a big fan of modern font styles, why not download a whole collection? There’s no better time to expand your font library.

Download Unlimited Fonts at Envato Elements

 Image of modern sans serif fonts download

Envato Elements is an awesome destination for your inner font fan. Choose from a large collection of modern font styles. From simple modern fonts to cool modern fonts with an eccentric twist—you can find it on Envato Elements.

Download unlimited fonts on Envato Elements today. Yes, you heard that right. Download as many fonts as you like—thousands of them—all for one low fee. 

But Envato Elements isn’t just about fonts. Unlimited downloads also includes graphics, stock photos, templates, and much more. You can even pick up fresh content for your website, like a WordPress template or video content for your next vlog. Unlimited downloads includes a huge library of professional assets.

 Image of best modern fonts 4
There are thousands of modern font styles to choose from on Envato Elements, like thin modern fonts.

Let’s say you’re working on your resume. Download some modern font styles, and then pick up a couple of resume design templates too. With unlimited downloads, you have access to a collection of professional content to help you meet your design needs.

This can be invaluable if you’re a creative professional or content creator. Think about it—need illustrations? Stock video? Audio tracks? All of that is included with unlimited downloads.

 Image of best modern fonts 1
A huge library of templates, like this resume design template, is also included in with your unlimited downloads on Envato Elements. 

Imagine access to an entire library of professional content. No more searching, no more waiting. It’s all right there, ready to help you meet your design needs—and no worrying about the price tag either.

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Download an Instagram story template on Envato Elements. It’s included with unlimited downloads.

20 Best Modern Sans Serif Fonts From Envato Elements

1. Roku Modern Font Styles

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 1

This beautiful sans serif font is an elegant, versatile addition to anyone’s collection. Use it for larger, eye-catching parts of your composition. However, it works well as a supplement too.

2. Roger Clean Modern Fonts Serif

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 2

Check out this amazing sans serif typeface. It has a host of stylish ligatures that you can easily use to create headlines and logos that really command attention. If you’re looking for modern elegant fonts, this one is a great choice. 

3. Brendon Clean Modern Fonts Serif

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 3

This font’s blocky look is both stylish and timeless. It also includes three different weights: regular, light, and smooth. They’re perfect for mixing and matching as you work to establish hierarchy in your layout designs.

4. George Round Modern Minimalist Font

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 4

The best modern fonts are often the most versatile, and this stylish sans serif is a great example. Whether your design has eccentric flair or takes a quieter approach, this one could serve you well.

5. Lorenza Modern Font Styles

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 5

Thin modern fonts can help create a classy, trendy aesthetic. This particular font family is a strong collection of clean modern fonts. They would be a strong addition to any font collection. 

6. Ancor Modern Bold Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 6

Modern bold fonts can add such a fun flair to your work. Check out this stylish, decorative font. It’s definitely the type of sans serif that really commands attention. Give this one a try today.

7. Salah Sans Serif Clean Modern Fonts Family

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 7

Looking for modern font styles that really capture that thin look? Check out this font family. Go from regular to ultra-thin styles. This one is a perfect fit for high-end fashion and elegant design projects.

8. Gutter Modern Block Font

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 8

Isn’t this chunky sans serif font charming? It has a slightly organic quality to it that gives it a touch of homemade while still keeping the bold of a block font. This is a great choice if you’re looking for modern number fonts too.

9. Cronus Cool Modern Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 9

Here’s a fun font with a lot of potential. It comes with standard and rounded variants. It’s a fun pair with plenty of options to mix, match, and remix in your next design project. 

10. Sprout Thin Modern Fonts Sans Serif

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 10

Here’s another elegant thin sans serif. Wouldn’t this one be an excellent fit for invitations or beauty products? It’s a great choice for logos, headlines, and more. Give this one a try today.

11. Quick Modern Elegant Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 11

This modern minimalist font is so artful. Check out the included four variants in this font family—regular, bold, italic, and light. Use it in your next magazine design, upscale packaging, or other design project.

12. Bulgare Modern Minimalist Font

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 12

Thin modern fonts are definitely on trend, and this one is no exception. There’s a reason why they’re so popular—they’re both beautiful and versatile. From watermarks to stationery, this one has so much potential. 

13. Montrelo Modern Elegant Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 13

Check out this sophisticated font. It’s so stylish; test out the included ligatures and alternates to craft the perfect logo design, branding, and more. It’s a fun and memorable typeface that’s worth checking out.

14. Avalors Sans Serif Cool Modern Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 14

When it comes to cool modern fonts, there’s a lot of choice out there. Why not consider a blocky, futuristic look? This display type would be a great fit for T-shirts, posters, and other design elements that need emphasis.

15. Apolline Modern Sleek Fonts Sans Serif

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 15

This stylish font is beautifully designed and memorable. It’s versatile without necessarily being bland—instead, the letters have been artfully crafted in a visually engaging way. Try this one out for your branding project or logo design.

16. Headway Clean Modern Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 16

Here’s a bold block font that would make a great addition to any designer’s collection. This one has the potential to work well for larger points of emphasis as well as smaller, supplemental type.

17. Alyssum Simple Modern Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 17

Simplicity can often be an elegant solution. This stylish but simple font is just such a case. Whether your target aesthetic is exciting or gentle, this one has a flexibility to complement it.

18. Nordin Modern Bold Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 18

Here’s a font that’s both bold and thin. It’s a great choice for modern number fonts. Imagine this one on a shirt or jersey. It would definitely stand out. It works great at smaller sizes too.

19. Filena Thin Modern Fonts

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 19

This all caps font is stylish and dynamic. It comes in three different weights, and it’s got a clean, geometric influence. Use it for emphasis or even branding. Or add it to your design work as a perfectly clean complement. 

20. Proxon Modern Font Styles

 Image of modern sans serif fonts 20

Check out this stylish sans serif font. The strokes each take an angled approach, and it makes for a really interesting and memorable aesthetic. Download this one today and try it in your next design project. 

More Modern Sans Serif Fonts From GraphicRiver

 Image of modern sans serif fonts download 2a

If you’re not looking for unlimited downloads, there are still plenty of options out there for modern sans serif fonts. GraphicRiver is an excellent choice for quality content with single downloads.

Browse a huge library of modern font styles, but only download what you need on GraphicRiver. Keep things simple—one download, one fee. GraphicRiver is a simple and cost-conscious choice for modern sans serif fonts.

Check out some of the best modern fonts on GraphicRiver.

14 Modern Sans Serif Fonts to Download Today

1. Awatara Modern Sleek Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 1

If you’re looking for a block sans serif font with a fun aesthetic, check this one out. It’s multilingual and has plenty of potential for a wide variety of projects. 

2. Hakone Rounded Modern Minimalist Font

 Image of modern font styles 2

This rounded typeface has such interesting strokes. Choose from three different weights, and use this one to really command attention and create interest. It looks great at larger sizes, but has the potential to act as a supplement too.

3. Modest Simple Modern Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 3

This font is called Modest, and it works as a modest but stylish addition too. This font family includes regular, bold, and light. They complement each other perfectly, but also have the potential to pair well with a wide variety of fonts. 

4. Cremona Modern Sans Serif

 Image of modern font styles 4

Simple modern fonts can be the perfect addition to any designer’s toolkit and collection. This one is right on the money. It’s stylish on its own, but also has the potential to pair elegantly with other fonts.

5. Notch Circular Modern Geometric Sans Serif Font

 Image of modern font styles 5

This modern block font is strong and commanding. If you love a geometric aesthetic, this one is a perfect fit. It’s an amazing font family too, and includes 16 different variants in weight. Download this one now—it’s an awesome deal.

6. Albori Sans Serif Thin Modern Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 6

There’s just something so classy and timeless about an elegant, thin sans serif. This font family is an excellent example. All of the included weights have the potential to bring this beauty to your compositions. 

7. Sequoia Modern Elegant Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 7

Isn’t this font memorable? Work with the included numbers, letters, and ligatures to craft the kind of type that really commands attention and interest. It’s stylish yet versatile and works nicely at smaller sizes, too.

8. Sans Serif Modern Font Styles Font Bundle

 Image of modern font styles 8

This awesome fonts bundle contains some of the best modern fonts at an awesome price. Check it out—if you’re a bargain hunter, this isn’t one you’ll want to miss. 

9. Harbinger Thin Modern Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 9

Here’s a thin sans serif that commands attention. This is just a sample of what this font can do. The lower-case characters are just as classy, and this font looks amazing as body copy. Give it a try today.

10. Kindel Modern Font Styles

 Image of modern font styles 10

This font family is such an awesome deal. Choose from eight different weights and styles. They’re perfect for establishing hierarchy in your next composition. They also have plenty of potential for mixing with other typefaces.

11. Noiche Modern Block Font Family

 Image of modern font styles 11

This is an excellent choice for a modern block font, but don’t ignore all the other variants in this modern sans serif family. There are thin modern fonts all the way up to bolder ones. Check this font family out today.

12. Bellom Modern Sleek Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 12

If you like your modern sans serif fonts rounded, then this one is a great choice. Pair the included regular and light weights together. They’re a perfect pair. This is another one that has a lot of potential as body copy too.

13. Yadon Modern Sans Serif Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 13

The variation in weight here makes this font so interesting and memorable. It’s a classy look, perfect for high-end products, elegant invitations, and more. It has a timeless feel that’s still on trend. 

14. Cvetanoff Cool Modern Fonts

 Image of modern font styles 14

Aren’t the alternates in this font beautiful? You can really craft something visually interesting and memorable with them. Or stick to the standard set of characters in this sans serif font. There’s plenty to work with and try out here. 

Which Modern Sans Serif Fonts Are Your Favorite?

There are so many awesome sans serif fonts out there to choose from! Which ones are your favorites? Do you favor clean modern fonts? Or maybe cool modern fonts with unusual accents and design elements are more your flavor. Whichever your preference, you can download unlimited modern sans serif fonts on Envato Elements. With unlimited downloads, you don’t have to choose. Download lots of them.

Or, if you prefer singular downloads, make sure to check out GraphicRiver. There’s a library of beautifully designed modern font styles to choose from. GraphicRiver is a great choice if you’re not looking for unlimited downloads and you prefer to just download a few fonts.

If you’re looking for even more fonts and font inspiration, check out these collections.

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