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20+ Best WordPress Music Themes (2021) for All Musicians

20+ Best WordPress Music Themes (2021) for All Musicians

As a musician or a band, your primary goal is to fill the gig venue with raving fans and get noticed by agents. The best way to make sure that happens is to create an attractive website. And in order to do so, we’ve compiled for you, a list of the best music WordPress Themes to choose from.

Using your website, you can share information about your albums, upcoming single releases, events, and general band or biography information. Having a site also makes it possible for music agencies to get in touch with you about the possibility of signing a contract, that’s why every item here is the best theme for musicians, in its own way.

 Image of music themes
The Best Music WordPress Themes on Themeforest

There are plenty of premium WordPress themes geared for the music industry that include features like an audio player, event information, the ability to sell your merchandise, and so forth. To show you what I mean, we’ll see a selection of the best WordPress templates for musicians from ThemeForest below.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Music WordPress Theme

Before we get started with our list, here are a few tips that might help you choose the best theme.

1. Quality is Important!

Whether you’re an urban artist, a classical musician, or something in between, quality is paramount. A well-developed WordPress theme will work more reliably in the short term and require less maintenance moving forward.

2. Load Speed

The ideal website load time is 2 to 5 seconds, but each second beyond 2 seconds will hurt your website. As a matter of fact, studies by Google have shown that when a page’s load time slows from 1 second to 5 seconds, the chance of the visitor bouncing (leaving before looking elsewhere on the website) increases by 90%.

3. Make it Personal

As a musician, you have a brand, and your brand establishes the fans you’ll attract. If we keep all of that in mind, making your website personal and an extension of yourself is a must.

The Best Music WordPress Themes for 2021

In this post, we’re showcasing some of the best music WordPress themes available on the ThemeForest marketplace that not only have the features mentioned above but also offer an attractive design that’s sure to impress your fans as well as music agents. Browse through them to find the best music theme for you.

1. Decibel – Professional Music WordPress Theme

 Image of Decibel%20 %20Professional%20Music%20WordPress%20Theme

The authors of the Decibel theme describe it as the perfect music WordPress theme, and I can’t say that they’re overreaching. This is one of the best WordPress templates for musicians we’ve got. It has a very elegant design and includes everything you might need in a WordPress band theme: Discography, Tour Dates, Playlist Manager, Store, Video & Photo Gallery, etc.

2. Noizzy – Music Theme

 Image of Noizzy%20 %20Music%20Theme

Noizzy is one of those music themes that has an urban vibe, and it really does it well; the second you go on the website you feel you’re in an underground club, and you can almost hear the music.

If you’re a DJ, rap artist, or an urban musician, this is the theme for you.

3. Glytch – A Vibrant Music Theme

 Image of Glytch%20 %20A%20Vibrant%20Music%20Theme

Glytch is a vibrant music theme that has an amazing design, and multiple style variations, that range from elegant to urban to modern, and much more!

This theme has all the tools you need to build your online presence and a lot of options to stream your music.

4. Mozo – Music WordPress Theme

 Image of Mozo%20 %20Music

Whether you’re a professional, or an amateur musician, Mozo is a great theme for you; it offers a modern elegant design, an amazingly fluid user experience, and great use of fonts. 

This theme will make your life easier, and allow you to focus on what really matters. The music!

5. Slide – Music WordPress Theme

 Image of slide

If you want a modern music website template design, then look no further than Slide. This simple music WordPress theme offers a seriously eye-catching range of designs that are perfect for grabbing the attention of your visitors. Slide includes features such as different event layouts, two discography layouts, MailChimp integration to help you grow your fanbase, and over 20 additional WPBakery Page Builder elements.

6. Kentha – Visionary Music WordPress Theme

 Image of kentha

Kentha is another brilliantly striking music WordPress theme, and if you love the neon 80’ aesthetic there is a collection of homepage demos which you’ll absolutely love. It includes an audio visualizer, artists, events, podcasts and plenty more.

With the non-stop music player users can navigate while listening, fast forward, reverse, skip or download tracks, and find new artists to follow–as the theme author says, it’s all about the music.

7. Music Club – Music Band, DJ, Musician & Music

 Image of musicClub

Music Club is a WordPress theme built especially for bands, record labels, studios, festivals, DJs or singers. It is fully responsive, retina-friendly, and easy to customize. Music Club also comes with a whole bunch of custom icon sets to really add originality to your websites.

8. Merchato – Mosaic Music WordPress Blog Theme

 Image of Merchato

The next WordPress music website template on our list is Merchato. It features a unique mosaic design for 2021, which allows you to create a media-rich music website. It integrates perfectly with the most popular musician plugin, AudioTheme and you can easily sell your merchandise using WooCommerce integration.

This top WP music blog theme is perfect for showcasing your gigs, discography, and insert audio and video posts. You can also customize every aspect of your site and make it reflect your music brand.

9. Lucille – Intuitive WordPress Site Theme for Musicians

 Image of Lucille

The Lucille music website template is made for musicians, artists, music bands, producers or anyone working in the music industry. The WordPress theme band features a beautiful design and comes with plenty of features to customize your site. 

Use the drag-and-drop editor to create any type of layout, showcase your albums, display information about your gigs, and more. The theme options are accessible through a user-friendly interface which makes editing this theme a breeze.

10. Onair2 – WordPress Radio Station and DJ Music Theme

 Image of OnAir2

The OnAir2 theme is marketed as the perfect website design for radio stations but it can also be used if you’re a DJ and want to feature your services and custom mixes. Some of this music WordPress theme’s main features include:

  • Monthly schedule
  • Radio Player
  • SHOUTcast or Icecast support
  • Beautifully styled pages
  • Top 10 Charts
  • Events Calendar

11. Playbit – Modern Music WordPress Site Theme for 2021

 Image of Playbit

Playbit is a modern music WordPress theme design for 2021. It’s suitable for artists, music bands, and musicians who want a flexible and customizable theme. 

On top of a drag-and-drop page builder, audio players, and event information, this great WP theme also includes the ability to create wishlists, and use background videos. The Playbit core plugin can be used for even more styling options. It also has the ability to translate your website into any language.

12. Zona – Multipurpose Music Theme for WordPress

 Image of Zona

The Zona theme is freshly designed. It comes with a powerful and fast audio player that looks good no matter which device your visitors are using to view your site and listen to your music. 

You can also make use of dynamic playlist features that load additional content to player list and import your tracks from SoundCloud. Pages are easily customizable with the help of the Visual Composer plugin and you can create repetitive and multi-day events with the Event Manager.

13. Anthem – Band and Event Music WordPress Theme

 Image of Anthem

Anthem is a modern WP theme suitable for musicians and bands with a strong focus on promoting your events. It’s fully customizable, easy to use, and fully responsive. This premium design outshines unsupported, free WordPress themes for musicians.

This music WordPress theme comes with premium features, such as a custom music player, the ability to list your albums, event management features, and everything else you need to create a powerful and impressive band website.

14. Tune – One Page WordPress Theme for Musicians

 Image of Tune

If you want a simple band website to share your tracks and upcoming gigs with your fans, consider the freshly Tune theme. It’s a one-page music template for WordPress that allows you to display an event list, your discography, and a well-organized video and photo gallery.

Several demos are available which can be imported with one-click and customized through Visual Composer. On top of that, this new theme integrates with Bandsintown, Soundcloud, and Spotify player. Use it to get your professional music website launched fast.

15. Solala Music – WordPress Feature Rich Music Theme

 Image of Solala%20Music

The Solala Music theme is responsive, fast, and features interesting interactive features. You can create any kind of element with a wide range of shortcodes for albums, events, band members, and more. 

Visitors can manage playlists and songs using repeat, shuffle, or straight playing. Other notable features include:

  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • Carousel slider
  • Premium plugins such as Visual Composer and Slider Revolution
  • SEO ready
  • Different layout and styles for blog pages
  • Built-in Megamenu
  • One-click demo import

16. Shuffle – WordPress Theme for Artists, Bands, & Musicians

 Image of Shuffle

The Shuffle theme for WordPress music websites is versatile and can be used by artists, bands, and solo musicians. The WordPress theme band comes with an impressive 18 homepage demos and a number of page templates. You can choose between different skins depending on your genre to get just the look you want. 

Several custom post types are available such as events, albums, ticket status, and more. You can also add lyrics to your albums and connect your site with a variety of music shop platforms, including App Store, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon MP3, and Deezer.

17. SoundRise – Music WordPress Theme for Artists & Producers

 Image of SoundRise

If you own a music label or if you are a music producer, consider the SoundRise theme. It’s a perfect music website template designed to promote electronic press kits, online merch stores, and music tracks from the bands you manage. 

The WordPress theme band comes with a variety of unique demos, continuous audio playback, and you can create unlimited playlists. The included Custom Events Manager plugin makes it easy to create and list upcoming gigs.

18. Mixtape – Fresh Music WordPress Theme Design

 Image of Mixtape

Mixtape comes with a powerful admin interface and all the necessary features to show your tracks, albums, sell tickets for your gigs in 2021, and more. You can easily import the demo content and an elegant audio player that allows you to set your music to play automatically as soon as someone lands on your site. You can also display the location of the venue where you’ll be playing thanks to Google Maps integration.

19. Pulse – Responsive Music Theme for WordPress Sites

 Image of Pulse

The Pulse is a responsive music WordPress theme, that allows users to create their own tracks and playlists for playing, and add a track to favorites. However, it also includes more Premium features that outperform free WordPress themes for musicians, such as:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Responsive layouts
  • Site and app layout
  • Dark and white styles
  • 4-page templates
  • One-click to install demo data

20. Lush – WordPress Theme for Musicians and Bands

 Image of Lush

Lush touts itself as a complete solution for everybody in the music industry. It features a beautiful design as well as tons of features geared for the music professionals. You can also have our team quickly set up your new music site with this Premium theme.

Promote your gigs and display a countdown timer to build buzz and excitement, allow users to listen to your tracks with a built-in audio player, share your discography, and much more. Check out what our customers have to say about this theme:

“This flexible theme has the features a professional musician needs and it is well-documented.”

5 Must-Have Features for Great WordPress Music Websites

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your music site is just the beginning. You want to make sure that your music website template has all the right features in place so you can impress potential agents as well as satisfy your fans. Here are the five most important features that every music website should have:

1. Audio Player and Sample Tracks

While your fans may already be familiar with your music, sharing your tracks and having an audio player on your site will allow other visitors to get a taste of your music and become interested in your albums and gigs. 

You can also use the sample tracks to offer them as a free download in exchange for their email list so you can send them a targeted email campaign and promote your upcoming concert. All the themes on our list include beautiful and responsive audio players.

2. Contact Form

A contact form is a must on every website so visitors can get in touch with you. A professional music WordPress theme like Lush integrates perfectly with Contact Form 7. It’s a perfect way for agents to get in touch with you or venue owners that would like you to play at their next event.

3. Agent Information

If you are represented by an agent then including their information is essential. This allows press members to contact your agent about an interview and it also allows others to book your band for their events and special occasions.

4. Music Event List

Your fans will want to know when your next concert or gig is coming up so be sure to include that information on your site. This allows them to make plans to attend the concert and if you pair that with a WP theme like Shuffle, they can easily buy the tickets and see the status of their ticket purchase.

5. Recent News About Your Band

Your fans also crave information about what’s going on with your band while you’re not playing or recording a new album. Sharing recent news allows them to see a more personal side of your band members as well as get updates on new track releases, and more. Consider a music WP theme like Solala Music to easily create your blog and share news with your fans.

5 Free WordPress Themes For Musicians

I’ve shared with you our best WordPress templates for musicians from ThemeForest. You won’t regret buying premium WordPress band themes that are stunning, functional and easy to customize.

But don’t worry if you don’t have money to spend on a professional template. You can still create a good music website. I’ll show you some cool free WordPress themes for musicians.

And don’t forget to check our free WordPress themes on ThemeForest, which change every month. 

1. Music Journal Free WordPress Theme For Musicians

 Image of Music%20Journal%20Free%20WordPress%20Themes%20For%20Musicians

Music Journal is a simple music WordPress theme, built with visual elements as the focus. This free WordPress theme band  is perfect if you need a heavy visual theme with good customization options.

2. Creativ Musician Free WordPress Theme For Musicians

Looking for free WordPress band themes? This simple music WordPress theme is a good option for you. It’s a minimalist theme designed for those who work in the music industry.  

3. Musican Free WordPress Theme For Musicians

 Image of Musican%20Free%20WordPress%20Themes%20For%20Musicians

Don’t forget to check this free WordPress theme band. You can easily customize this music WordPress theme for your band or music projects.

4. Musicsong Free WordPress Theme For Musicians

This simple music WordPress theme is another good option for you if you’re looking for free WordPress band themes. Musicsong features a clean and attractive design, perfect to share your music online. 

5. Music Lite Free WordPress Theme For Musicians

 Image of Music%20Lite%20Free%20WordPress%20Themes%20For%20Musicians

We close the selection of free WordPress band themes with this popular music WordPress theme. Music Lite is a simple and sleek WordPress theme band that offers you plenty of customization options and works with the WordPress audio player. 

Learn More About WordPress

We know WordPress can seem intimidating if you’re just starting to use this awesome platform. But don’t worry, here I’ve got some resources that might help you with your WordPress website.

Additionally, you can check our fantastic course: A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress and our Tuts+ YouTube channel, where you’ll find awesome videos like these:

Discover More WordPress Themes and Plugins

I hope you’ve liked the selection of the best WordPress templates for musicians from ThemeForest, along with the free WordPress themes for musicians I showed you.

Next up, I’ve got more awesome related WordPress themes and plugins for you.

Get Started With a Pro WordPress Music Theme

Creating your own music website has never been easier thanks to WordPress and stunning themes for the music industry. Get started on your site by browsing through our new WordPress music themes and build a powerful website quickly—to showcase your albums, band members, and gig information.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding (new) Music Themes with the best, trending new designs.

 Image of mf Image of a2 Image of a2t

Law & Order

Law & Order

Contributed by Nick Sherman
 Image of Law %26 Order

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of friz quadrata
 Image of eurostile

Law & Order is a US television series set in New York City that first aired 30 years ago today, on September 13, 1990, and ran for 20 seasons until its final episode in 2010. Each episode is split into two segments: an investigation by the police (Law) and subsequent prosecution by the district attorney’s office (Order). The series has been spun off into a larger franchise of shows, including Law & Order: SVU which is the longest running primetime live-action series in US television history.

Starting with the very first season, and continuing across the franchise, Law & Order has made prominent use of Friz Quadrata for its titling and branding. Along with the show’s trademark dun-dun sound, the simple but consistent use of the typeface has cemented the brand among the most iconic in US television. As Art of the Title explains it:

It’s a testament to the power and ubiquity of the series that 30 years later one glimpse of that typeface and two bits of sound can immediately transport audiences back to a world of perilous but soothing procedure, where process and justice are the only things worth a damn.

The original title sequence was created by Betty Green with the Howard Anderson Company, and though some details have changed with new seasons (most notably between seasons 3 and 4) and rotations with the cast, the overall design remained more or less the same over the years.

The episodes start with the main title in all caps while a stiff voiceover sets the stage for the show. “LAW & ORDER” is shown at first as just the shade of the letters, gradually fading into the rendering of white letters with a dark shadow and outer glow of blue for the top line and red for the bottom. The short pre-intro concludes with the now-famous dun-dun sound.

Following a short teaser scene, the full title sequence continues, accompanied by a synth-jazzy soundtrack. Dramatic zoom-ins on “LAW” and “ORDER”, interspersed with stark imagery, continue the blue and red color coding to introduce the cast of police and attorneys, respectively. The actors’ portraits fade in from halftone renderings, with a few minor appearances of Eurostile for “STARRING” and “DIRECTED BY”.

In addition to the title sequence, Friz Quadrata also features prominently in the show’s intertitles, used to help move the storyline along quickly, giving the show a distinctive fast-paced editing style. According to the show’s creator, Dick Wolf:

The title cards take the place of a lot of the garbage time in most shows of people driving up to buildings, getting out of cars, walking in, going up in elevators, walking out … There are no establishing shots. There are no transition shots.

The final episode of the original Law & Order series aired on May 24, 2010, but subsequent spin-off series have continued to make prominent use of Friz Quadrata. After 30 years, it’s one of the longest and most consistent uses of a typeface for any TV franchise ever.

 Image of Law %26 Order s01e01 shade

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law zoom

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of George Dzundza

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Chris Noth

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Dann Florek

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Order

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Order zoom

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Michael Moriarty

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Richard Brooks

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Steven Hill

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law %26 Order s01e01 22

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law %26 Order end

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Created by Dick Wolf

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of 36th Precinct

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law %26 Order s01e01 38

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law %26 Order s01e01 43

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law %26 Order s01e01 46

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law %26 Order s01e01 49

License: All Rights Reserved.
 Image of Law %26 Order s01e01 50

License: All Rights Reserved.

 Image of bSG FDddK1Y

Most Downloaded Shopify Themes on Envato Elements

Most Downloaded Shopify Themes on Envato Elements

A good Shopify theme will make the difference between having your online store look professional or generic, stylish or ugly, and modern or dated, not to mention the difference it will have on the sales you make.

So what are other eCommerce store owners using nowadays? We’ve gathered a list of the most downloaded Shopify themes on Envato Elements; you can download all of them and more for the price of a single subscription (currently $16.50 per month)!

5 Most Downloaded Shopify Themes

Let’s see the top 5! These are the most downloaded Shopify themes on Envato Elements.

1. Bixbang | Minimalist eCommerce Shopify Template

 Image of 1
Bixbang | Minimalist eCommerce Shopify Template

We kick off our list with the Bixbang theme. A professional and minimalist Shopify theme that meets the needs of every kind of eCommerce website. Be it fashion, electronics, furniture, or footwear, Bixbang is the perfect fit.

One of the buyers describes it as:

“Bixbang is just perfect, it has everything I need but most importantly, the design and functionality are spot on. It is also super fast and the support team is fast. Very satisfied with my purchase. It has everything that I’ve been looking for and much more.”

And to be honest, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. 

2. Amely – Clean & Modern Shopify Theme

 Image of 2
Amely – Clean & Modern Shopify Theme

Amely is a Shopify theme developed by ArrowHiTech, a ThemeForest Power Elite Author.

Amely is an excellent eCommerce template; built for your digital store, hi-tech store, accessories store, and much more.

Some of the features that make Amely one of the most downloaded themes on Envato Elemtns are:

  • 8+ unique homepage layouts
  • 7+ unique header layouts
  • Dropdown & Slide out mini cart
  • Newsletter popup
  • Multiple currencies dropdown

These features are just the tip of the iceberg.

3. HomeStore – Furniture Sections Shopify Theme

 Image of 3
HomeStore – Furniture Sections Shopify Theme

HomeStore is a clean and elegant responsive Shopify theme, built with Bootstrap 4, and carefully designed with more than 5 homepage options. This theme also comes with specific mobile layouts, lots of eCommerce features, and a drag and drop website builder.

When Magentech, the author of the theme, designed and developed it, they had usability and flexibility in mind. HomeStore comes packed with every feature and option you could ever need. And thanks to the visual drag-and-drop website builder, you can easily modify and create any website you want without needing to code.

4. Elise – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Shopify Theme

 Image of 4
Elise – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Shopify Theme

Elise is an amazing Shopify theme that comes with unlimited layout options and a powerful admin panel that lets you tweak every aspect of your store. Its multipurpose nature means it’s suitable for any store, be it for fashion, retail, furniture, jewelry, accessories, beauty, cosmetic, flowers, toys, and so on.

This theme also:

  • is fully customizable
  • has unlimited color variants
  • has a newsletter popup

And as one buyer puts it:

“Best theme ever! If you like minimalist themes, this one is for you They also offer the best customer support: always respond to my ticket in less than 24 hours, and quick to fix any issues I might have with my theme.”

5. Nautica | Multi Store Responsive Shopify Theme

 Image of 5
Nautica | Multi Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Nautica is a multipurpose and responsive Shopify theme for online supermarkets, shopping malls, fashion shops, or any other type of store..

The author, EngoTheme, developed Nautica with optimization and fast loading in mind as well as making sure it includes all the premium modules that you need to wow your customers and increase sales.

This theme comes packed with 8 home pages, 8 demo headers, and 6 demo footers, so you’ll have enough flexibility to build the website of your dreams.

3 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Online Store in 2021

Once your store is set up with a theme, there are a few more things to keep in mind if you want to increase sales:

  • Simplify Your Checkout Process: If your checkout process is complicated, a lot of customers will leave your website out of frustration, so make sure it’s as clear as possible.
  • Add live chat: Nothing makes a customer trust your store more than a live chat option. It adds character to your website and helps customers feel connected to you. Consider using a Shopify plugin like Tidio Live Chat.
  • Offer a coupon: When someone stumbles upon your store for the first time, a coupon is a nice welcome gift and a reward for making that initial purchase.

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

New to eCommerce? Not sure where to start? Learn how to set up and use Shopify with our free course for beginners!

The Best Shopify Templates For You to Choose From

Choosing a good theme is critical to the success of your Shopify store, so I hope you found inspiration in our selection of the most popular Shopify themes on Envato Elements. If you’re looking for something specific, take a look at these Shopify theme roundups:

 Image of mf Image of a2 Image of a2t

Apple Gives us 100+ New Emojis Before The End Of The Year and We’re Loving It

Apple Gives us 100+ New Emojis Before The End Of The Year and We’re Loving It

 Image of 9880dea9 apple ios 14 2 iphone smiling with tear emoji bubble tea 1

This year has been a lot, and if there’s one emoji that could accurately explain it all, it’s probably this:

 Image of 7bc283d6 smiling face with tear 1f972

I’m currently updating my phone as we speak, because I absolutely can. not. wait. to start using these new emojis.

With 117 new emojis being released, and counting, I can’t help but think that there is officially an emoji to describe everything you could ever think/feel.

…Or at least they’re getting close.

“The new 117 icons, which were released in iOS 14.2, iPadOS 14.2 and macOS 11 Big Sur on Thursday, and it includes my personal favorite, the absolutely most relatable emoji ever, which is the ‘Smiling Face with Tear’ emoji.”

While Emojipedia defines it as mainly an expression of feeling “touched, relieved, or grateful,” I know i’ll be using it when I feel like this:

 Image of eb7ff4c4 tenor

There are lots of other emojis that we’re looking forward to like the happy person wearing a mask.

 Image of c6b58fea screenshot 2020 11 09 at 12.25.46 970x732

Prior to this update, the emoji wearing the mask used to be sad, but taking into consideration all the changes that have been going on this year, wearing a mask isn’t that bad after all and you can still smile and be happy while wearing your mask, just as this emoji suggests.

 Image of 4a183e41 screenshot 2020 11 09 at 12.27.24 970x725

Some other new emojis that we’re looking forward to seeing are the otter, the italian hand, boomerang, ninja, bubble tea and so many more!

 Image of 05496644 screenshot 2020 11 09 at 12.28.19 725x970

What emoji are you looking forward to using in the near future?

Don’t forget to update your phones, peeps!

 Image of abb5317a screenshot 2020 11 09 at 12.29.05 844x970

And of course, until next time,

Stay creative!

Read More at Apple Gives us 100+ New Emojis Before The End Of The Year and We’re Loving It

How to Design a Monogram Logo (Using a Monogram Maker)

How to Design a Monogram Logo (Using a Monogram Maker)

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial final
What You’ll Be Creating

Learn how to make a monogram with Placeit. These templates are simple to use, and you can create amazing monogram designs for your brand. 

For this tutorial, we’re going to use Placeit—an awesome monogram creator platform where you can design many mockups, logos, and more, right from your browser. Placeit has an entire collection where you can create your own monogram design in any style. 

The Placeit monogram maker offers many templates in a wide variety of styles. You don’t need any previous design experience to create a monogram online with this user-friendly interface. This monogram with letters is sleek and simple.

Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

Ready to see how to use this monogram maker? Let’s get started!  

1. How to Design a Monogram Logo Online

Step 1

Head over to, and type “monogram” in the search bar.

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 1

Step 2

Placeit’s monogram creator includes a large variety of design options. I’ll be using the template 2211c

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 2

Step 3

Once you select the monogram design, you’ll be taken to the editing stage of the logo. On the new page, you’ll find typography options on the left side. 

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 3

2. How to Customize a Monogram Logo Template

Step 1

The first two Text options are for the monogram letters. The next is the name of the company, followed by the description and extra options to play with. Within each option, you can change the font and the color of the text. You can also hide and reveal parts of the logo by clicking on the eye icon. 

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 4

Step 2

I’ll change the initials to H and R. The name of the company I chose is Honey & Rose. Hide the year numbers and add “Skin Solutions” to the bottom. 

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 5

Step 3

One of the options for each element is to change the font. Go ahead and change the fonts to your liking. I’ll be using the following options:

  • Sacramento for the initial h. 
  • Averia Serif for the initial R. 
  • Old Standard TT for the name of the company and the description.
 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 6

Step 4

Placeit’s interface allows you to move elements as if you were using normal design software. If your logo needs adjustments, feel free to move the elements around. I moved the company name and description closer to the monogram logo.

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 7

Step 5

Placeit also allows you to change the color of your logo and the background. Use the swatches under each option to change the color of each type element. Use the right side menu to change the color of the background.

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 8

3. How to Save and Download a Monogram Logo

Step 1

Make sure to save your design by clicking on the Save Draft button. To download your design, click on Download. The image will take a few seconds to process and will be ready to download. 

 Image of MonogramDesignTutorial 9

Step 2

Once you have the logos downloaded, head over to the Download folder on your computer. You’ll notice you have two monogram logos. Placeit renders two PNG logos: one is to use on any color background you wish, and the other file contains a background. 

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 11

Check Out These Monogram Designs on Placeit!

1. Music Logo Monogram Design

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 1
Music Logo Monogram Design

Placeit’s monogram creator offers a large variety of music logos. This awesome music monogram logo option mimics a periodic table. You can customize the number, the band’s initials, and the name. 

2. Neon Monogram Logo

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 2
Neon Monogram Logo

For those of you who have a popular streaming channel, this monogram logo will take it to the next level. This cool geometric logo features two initials that are boxed in. The initials’ font is perfect for a gaming channel. Simply change the initials and the name of your channel, and you’re good to go! 

3. Abstract Monogram Logo

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 3
Abstract Monogram Logo

Placeit’s monogram creator doesn’t require any previous design knowledge. This professional logo is easily customizable, and it includes multiple monogram letter options. Add your business name and slogan, and tweak the colors—or not! It’s that easy. 

4. Neon Colors Monogram Design

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 4
Neon Colors Monogram Design

Looking for a futuristic logo? Monogram logos don’t need to be flat. This neon logo monogram is perfect for a gaming channel or tech company. The monogram letters can be chosen from the library—the whole alphabet is set in neon! So it doesn’t matter what your business name is; you’ll find the initials you need. 

5. Vintage Monogram Letters

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 5
Vintage Monogram Letters

If you’re looking for something more classic, Placeit has it! This beautiful and intricate monogram is perfect for a spa or products related to self-care. With a single letter monogram, you can create a unique and minimalist look for your brand. Are you ready to thrive?

6. Gamer Custom Monogram

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 6
Gamer Custom Monogram

Inspired by pixel art, this cool geometric monogram logo is the one to have! The initials feature square corners and sharp lines to create the illusion of a box. The vibrant neon colors make the logo bright and call for attention, perfect for a gaming streaming channel!

7. Makeup Brand Logo Design

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 7
Makeup Brand Logo Design

Classic and sleek: that’s what we want to see when we think of cosmetic products. Placeit includes simple yet powerful logos for product-based brands. This logo is elegant and will easily reach your customers with the right personality. 

8. Monogram Letter Design

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 8
Monogram Letter Design

Natural products brands will appreciate this template. It features a lovely leaf illustration overlapping the monogram initial. This is paired with a classic text, so just add your company information and adjust the color scheme to reflect your own brand. Your brand is ready! 

9. Delicate Monogram Logo

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 9
Delicate Monogram Logo

If you’re a cosmetic brand startup, check out this elegant monogram logo. It features a script font for the monogram letters and a chic serif for the brand name. Customize it as little or as much as you want to make the monogram logo your own. 

10. College Sports Monogram Letters

 Image of MonogramDesignLogo 10
College Sports Monogram Letters

Sports logos are always so beautiful to look at but difficult to create. With Placeit, not anymore. This template is so easy to customize with your sports team initials, name, and colors. The two initials look so intricate and professional that everyone will be asking you for the template! 

Design Your Own Monogram Logo Today!

In this tutorial, you learned how to customize a logo template with a monogram creator. Placeit offers many more templates, shirt mockups, gaming templates, and much more. The interface is very easy to use, so you can do it even if you’re not a designer. I’d love to see what you come up with. 

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