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Ramones presidential seal logo

Ramones presidential seal logo

Contributed by Nick Sherman
 Image of itc tiffany

 Image of 100 9220

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

 Image of punk curator marc h miller on the ramones and the commercialization of punk body image 1460125188

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Arturo Vega had the logo tattooed on his back with his own name incorporated and a type style that is less stylized than Tiffany. That variant, like many similar variations seen today, more closely matches most contemporary incarnations of the presidential seal. (Photo by Curt Hoppe.)

The Ramones are often cited as the first true punk band and one of the most important rock groups of all time. Apart from their straightforward, hard-hitting music and classic denim-and-leather clothing, a large part of their iconic style can be attributed to contributions from their long-time art director and so-called “fifth Ramone”, Arturo Vega.

One such contribution is the now-famous logo Vega designed for the group, based on the official seal of the President of the United States. The logo, which Vogue described as being “almost as universal as the Nike swoosh”, replaces the text of the seal with the first names of the band members and incorporates a few other thematic variations. Vega explained some of the changes to Jim Bessman in the book Ramones: An American Band:

Instead of the olive branch, we had an apple tree branch, since the Ramones were American as apple pie. And since Johnny was such a baseball fanatic, we had the eagle hold a baseball bat instead of the arrows.

The pattern on the eagle’s coat of arms was inspired by a shirt from a store called Robbins that was a source for punks to pick up cheap clothes at the time.

Vega had used an eagle seal for earlier Ramones graphics – including on the back of their debut album – but the full seal most people recognize today made its major debut in 1977 on the back of their second album, Leave Home. That version replaced “E PLURBUS UNUM” on the original seal with the words “LOOK OUT BELOW”. Later variants changed it to “HEY HO LET’S GO” (a reference to the chorus of their song “Blitzkrieg Bop”).

 Image of 100 9209

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

The Ramones seal as it appeared on the back of their second album, Leave Home. The accompanying typeface is Franklin Gothic, echoing the iconic use of Franklin for their first album.

The logo – which doesn’t even include the name of the band – has also changed in other ways over the years to accommodate changes with the lineup or other stylistic variants, but the basic format of using first names and an eagle has now been used for more than 40 years. (The approach of listing first names was also used by Experimental Jetset for their popular &&& shirts, which came full circle in a variant dedicated to the Ramones.)

 Image of tommy johnny joey dee dee button busy beaver button museum

Source: Busy Beaver Button Museum. License: All Rights Reserved.

Vega’s Ramones seal is well-suited for punk rock pin-back buttons. In a recent talk by Christen Carter of the Busy Beaver Button Museum, she explained the role of the Ramones in solidifying buttons as a punk rock fashion accessory.

 Image of ITC Tiffany Letraset specimen

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

ITC Tiffany as offered by Letraset, including alternates for some letters.

 Image of TIffany Medium Letragraphica

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

A sheet of Letraset dry transfer letters for ITC Tiffany, probably not very different from what Vega used to compose the original Ramones seal.

The original seal on the back of Leave Home is set in ITC Tiffany Medium, designed just a few years earlier, in 1974, by Ed Benguiat (who sadly passed away last month). That first seal incorporates a few manual modifications to Tiffany’s glyphs that aren’t immediate obvious. For example, The J in “JOEY” is different from Tiffany’s normal J, as seen in “JOHNNY”. Presumably this is related to a shortage of J’s on Vega’s sheet of dry transfer letters – resolved in true punk rock fashion by simply joining the top of an I with the bottom of an S (or similar). Incidentally, there was an alternate J included with Letraset’s dry transfer sheets for Tiffany, but it was a descending variant that still ended in a teardrop terminal.

The first M in “TOMMY” also has a modified center vertex – perhaps a similar adaptation of necessity, made from pieces of an N or other glyphs.

Though it’s not perfect, the spacing of the letters is handled reasonably well considering the physical production methods involved. Vega is quoted about these kinds of manual design techniques in a wonderfully in-depth article about the logo by Sandra Hale Schulman, saying:

This is the way the original logo looked on the back cover of the second album, Leave Home. Yes, it’s before computers, and there was a lot of real cut-and-paste.

 Image of wC1hWYKuU U

30+ Best iPhone 11 & 12 Mockups (Pro & Pro Max)

30+ Best iPhone 11 & 12 Mockups (Pro & Pro Max)

Using an iPhone 11 or 12 mockup is the perfect way to get customers interested in your new app or responsive website theme, or to show off your new game or e-commerce page on your website.

 Image of Mockup%20of%20a%20Woman%20Tilting%20Her%20iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20on%20Her%20Bed%20copy
Just one of the many terrific iPhone 11 mockups available at Placeit.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect mockup for the iPhone 11, Placeit has an amazing range of photo-realistic iPhone 11 mockup templates to suit just about every need. What’s more, the Placeit iPhone mockup generator makes these templates super easy to use.

Top iPhone 12 Mockups Found on Envato Elements

 Image of envato elements design without limits

Before we dive into iPhone 11 mockups on Placeit, let’s check out the new iPhone 12 mockups from Envato Elements.

With an Envato Elements subscription, download as many digital assets as you want with no caps. That means you’ll have unlimited access to iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 mockup PSD templates, custom fonts, stock videos, and a whole lot more so you can put together your creative projects!

 Image of envato elements unlimited creative files

Every item on Envato Elements has an easy-to-understand license and is made with professional quality. It’s worry-free. All you need to do is create.

Let’s have a look at some of the premium iPhone 12 mockups available to download on Envato Elements today: 

1. Clay iPhone 12 Mockup (PSD)

This clay iPhone 12 mockup template is a nice, realistic option for your needs. You’ll find four scene variations in this mockup download bundle. The customisable backgrounds and Smart Layers make editing a breeze. If you’re promoting a new app or website, try out this minimal floating iPhone 12 mockup.

 Image of clay iphone 12 mockup 8NU89NT

2. Isometric iPhone 12 Mockup (PSD)

Isometric design is a trend that’s been catching fire in 2020 and looks to carry over into 2021. You can add that look to your app’s marketing with this modern iPhone 12 mockup. This template is incredibly easy to use and is fully customisable. 

 Image of isometric iphone 12 mockup SXT6LTH

3. iPhone 12 Pro Max Mockup (PSD)

This iPhone 12 Pro Max mockup template is a premium choice for a premium phone. The photorealistic mockup captures the iPhone 12 Pro Max from different angles. It also includes the Black and Special Blue colours of the new phone. Try out this iPhone 12 Pro Max mockup PSD for your marketing efforts in 2021.

 Image of iphone 12 pro max mockup 2U9TMVY

4. iPhone 12 Mockup (Concept) – 21 Mockups Scenes (PSD)

This is the ultimate iPhone 12 mockup PSD bundle for creatives. It features 21 scenes and perspectives to capture your app or website from all angles. Each mockup of the iPhone 12 is captured in high-resolution 5K. Try it if you need high-quality iPhone 12 mockups that are easy to customise.

 Image of iphone 12 mockup concept 21 mockups scenes FLCPFX4

10 Excellent iPhone 11 Mockups From Envato Elements

Even though the iPhone 12 has just been released, having an iPhone 11 mockup handy is still a good idea. Here are a few mockups for the iPhone 11 from Envato Elements: 

1. iPhone 11 Mockup in Hand (PSD)

This iPhone 11 mockup PSD is high resolution and sure to leave an impression. Show how your app, webpage, or blog looks in the hands of a consumer. This iPhone 11 in-hand mockup comes with different scenes and is very easy to use thanks to the included Smart Objects. If you’re ever stuck while editing this file, take a look at the handy help file.  

 Image of iPhone 11 Mockups

2. iPhone 11 Mockup Scene (PSD)

Odds are you might need different perspectives of your app or responsive website. That’s why this iPhone 11 app mockup features both portrait and landscape modes. For further visual control, each of the five editable Photoshop files includes five usable filters. This is a great option if you need to display your product or service using different angles.    

 Image of iPhone 11 Mockup PDHFRDB

3. Colourful iPhone 11 Mockup (PSD)

Complement the creativity of your app with a creative background! Choose from six colour options with this fun iPhone 11 mockup in hand. This template includes a host of features, including:

  • quick and easy editing
  • smart objects
  • help guide
  • two pre-made scenes
 Image of iPhone 11 Mockup B364G8U

4. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup (PSD, Sketch, XD)

There’s nothing wrong with a splash of colour like in this iPhone 11 Pro mockup. Choose from any of the four official iPhone colours to display your product. Thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality, you can place your designs quickly. Try it out if you’re looking to make an iPhone 11 Pro mockup PNG.

 Image of iPhone 11 Pro Mockup TLRWW29

5. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup – Desk Scene (PSD)

Want your app or website to be seen in a natural setting? Then this mockup of an iPhone 11 Pro on a desk is right up your alley. The minimal design makes sure what you put on the screen is the centre of attention. Each of the four iPhone 11 Pro Photoshop files is easy to customise and edit with your designs.

 Image of iPhone 11 Pro Mockup T9QGLA7

6. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Scene 02 (PSD)

Show off the full range of your app with this professional iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Scene template. The modern template layout is perfect for 2020, and includes features like:

  • fully editable PSD file
  • vector files for easy customisation
  • drag-and-drop functionality
 Image of iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Scene

7. iPhone 11 Pro Mockups In Hand (PSD)

Need a quality app or website preview image fast? Try this editable iPhone 11 in-hand mockup. Featuring the iPhone 11 Pro, this template includes four different official phone colour options and Photoshop files. You can even showcase your product or service in portrait or landscape mode. Export this iPhone 11 Pro mockup to a PNG for a nice Instagram post.

 Image of iPhone 11 Pro Mockups ZHZ8ENJ

8. Abstract Mockup iPhone Pro Max vol.02 (PSD)

Abstract art is an excellent attention-grabber. Just take a look at this iPhone 11 Pro Max Photoshop mockup. The abstract framing of the phone is visually interesting and focuses attention on the screen. Edit the background and screen for a high-resolution, stylish illustration for marketing or advertising.

 Image of Abstract Mockup iPhone Pro Max

9. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup (PSD)

Need a mockup that you can use anywhere? Try this photorealistic iPhone 11 Pro Max Photoshop template. It includes a background that you can easily edit and change with colours or some scenery. The iPhones themselves come with six different colour options to suit your needs.

 Image of iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup WQNJ9BU

10. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockups YR (PSD)

Rounding out our list is this simple iPhone 11 Pro Max mockup. Keep the focus on your app or responsive webpage with this template’s clean design. There are three different iPhone positions to choose from with this download. The Photoshop file is editable, which means you can add and remove touches as you see fit. 

 Image of iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockups YR

How to Use an iPhone 11 Mockup

1. Navigate to Placeit’s iPhone Mockup page.

Upload your screenshot or enter the URL of your webpage in the box at the top of the page.

 Image of iPhone11mockup

2. Select an iPhone 11 Mockup You Like

Uploading your selected image will display it in the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max mockup templates available on Placeit. Browse the templates and select the one you like most. This will open the image in the iPhone mockup generator.

 Image of Screenshot%202019 10 16%20at%2011.19.40%20am%20copy

3. Customise Your iPhone 11 Mockup

You can now use the iPhone mockup generator to add text to your template if you like by using the Add Text button on the left-hand side. Here you can also change the font and the colour of the text to match your brand. 

The iPhone mockup generator also allows you to move the text around your iPhone mockup until you’re happy with your layout. Use the Reset Layout button found on the upper right of the image if you don’t like what you’ve done and want to start all over again.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20pro%20max 12

4. Download Your iPhone Screen Mockup

When you’re happy with your iPhone mockup, you can download it for a small fee. And just like that, you’ve got a realistic iPhone mockup to use as you choose. 

 Image of Screenshot%202019 10 16%20at%2011.15.19%20am%20copy

Now that you know how to use the iPhone mockup generator from Placeit, why not try it out? We’ve rounded up some great Placeit mockups of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 that you can use. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockups From Placeit

1. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup Over a Wooden Surface Surrounded by Baking Supplies

Have you created a new baking app or want to advertise your Instagram account specialising in baking? Then this iPhone screen generator with an iPhone 11 Pro Max sitting on a hardwood countertop surrounded by baking ingredients and tools is perfect for you.  

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20Mockup%20over%20a%20Wooden%20Surface%20Surrounded%20by%20Baking%20Supplies%20copy

2. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup Featuring a Young Man With Glasses

Why not advertise your latest iPhone app with this terrific iPhone 11 Pro Max mockup template? It features a young man sitting in a cafe holding the phone up to the viewer.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20Mockup%20Featuring%20a%20Geek%20Man%20with%20Glasses%20copy

3. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup of a Woman in a Dark Room

If your demographic is millennials, you’ll love this cool iPhone 11 mockup in hand with a casually dressed young woman holding an iPhone 11 Pro Max by two of its corners so that it’s displayed in portrait mode in the foreground of the mockup.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20Mockup%20of%20a%20Woman%20in%20a%20Dark%20Room%20copy

4. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup Featuring a Coloured Fabrics Setting

Want a simple yet eye-catching way to present your product? Why not try this iPhone 11 Pro Max mockup, which plays with the contrast of the curved lines of the Max, the soft folds of fabric, and a plain background. You can change the colours of both the fabric and the solid background to maximise the effect, as well as adding text if you care to. 

 Image of Screenshot%202019 10 16%20at%201.02.29%20pm%20copy

5. Mockup of a Woman Holding an iPhone 11 Pro Max in Landscape Position

Another gorgeous iPhone screen generator for a millennial audience. This time, the young woman holds the iPhone horizontally so that it’s obscuring the lower part of her face. A great way to focus attention on your content. 

 Image of Mockup%20of%20a%20Woman%20Holding%20an%20iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20in%20Landscape%20Position%20copy

6. Mockup of a Fitness Woman Tying Her Sneaker on a Bench Next to an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Creators of sports apps or merchandise will love this iPhone 11 Pro Max mockup, which shows the iPhone screen clearly in the foreground, with a woman in the background tying her gym shoes with a kettlebell on the bench in front of her, suggesting she’s about to begin her workout.

 Image of Mockup%20of%20a%20Fitness%20Woman%20Tying%20Her%20Sneaker%20on%20a%20Bench%20Next%20to%20an%20iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20copy

7. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup Featuring a Young Woman Listening to a Podcast

Want to advertise your new music or radio app? Then check out this iPhone screen generator of a young woman listening to her iPhone through her air-buds while holding the phone up so that viewers can see the screen clearly. 

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20Mockup%20Featuring%20a%20Young%20Woman%20Listening%20to%20a%20Podcast%20copy

8. iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup Over a Piano Keyboard

This is a great iPhone screen generator for all kinds of apps related to music or audio. Just upload your image or URL using the iPhone mockup generator, add text if you need it, and your mockup is ready to download.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20Mockup%20over%20a%20Piano%20Keyboard%20copy

9. Mockup of a Woman Holding Her iPhone 11 Pro Max While Making a Funny Pose

This iPhone screen mockup communicates sheer joie de vivre. Use it for apps focused on lifestyle, fashion, music, or even travel-related content. 

 Image of Mockup%20of%20a%20Woman%20Holding%20Her%20iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Max%20While%20Making%20a%20Funny%20Pose%20copy

iPhone 11 Pro Mockup

10. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup of a Long-Haired Woman With a Cap Staring Into the Sky

This cool, modern iPhone screen mockup is perfect for apps and websites related to exploring cities, finding shops and landmarks within a specific city, hotel and restaurant apps, and so much more.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Mockup%20of%20a%20Long Haired%20Woman%20with%20a%20Cap%20Staring%20into%20the%20Sky%20copy

11. Mockup Featuring an iPhone 11 Pro Being Held by a Woman Sitting Down

A classic over-the-shoulder shot of a woman looking at a phone while relaxing in a restaurant, this iPhone screen mockup gives viewers a clear view of the iPhone 11 Pro screen. This iPhone 11 in-hand mockup can be used to advertise a number of different apps and websites, from gaming to photography to lifestyle.

 Image of Mockup%20Featuring%20an%20iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Being%20Held%20by%20a%20Woman%20Sitting%20Down%20copy

12. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Featuring a Coffee Shop Setting

The laptop and coffee combo is such a contemporary image, making this the ideal iPhone screen mockup for any and every app or website imaginable. Use the iPhone mockup generator to try out your images and see what you think.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Mockup%20Featuring%20a%20Coffee%20Shop%20Setting%20copy

13. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Featuring an Arabic Setting

A gorgeous, colourfully patterned fabric provides the backdrop for this beautiful mockup with an Asian flavour. The mockup gives you one full view of your image on the iPhone Pro and a partial view of your image on the other iPhone Pro, while the other iPhones in the image just show a black screen. It’s a unique way to show two iPhones in a mockup.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Mockup%20Featuring%20an%20Arabic%20Setting%20copy

14. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Over an Open Book

If you’ve just launched a study, book, or reading-related website or app, you may like this mockup, which shows a hand framing an iPhone 11 Pro that’s resting against an open book. 

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Mockup%20over%20an%20Open%20Book%20copy

15. Mockup of an iPhone 11 Pro Surrounded by Baking Supplies

We’ve already shown you a terrific iPhone 11 Pro Max mockup for baking-related content, but for those looking for an iPhone 11 Pro version, here’s a great one. Featuring an iPhone 11 Pro surrounded by brownies and baking tools, this mockup leaves no doubt who it’s targeting.

 Image of Mockup%20of%20an%20iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Surrounded%20by%20Baking%20Supplies%20copy

16. iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Featuring a Woman Doing a Plank

Workout apps have proven indispensable to the busy modern woman, who may not have the time to go to the gym but wants to get her exercise in anyway. Advertise your fitness apps and YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook channels using this fabulous iPhone mockup.

 Image of iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Mockup%20Featuring%20a%20Woman%20Doing%20a%20Plank%20copy

17. Mockup of an iPhone 11 Pro Lying on an Office Desk

This iPhone mockup can be applied to so many different scenarios. The first that comes to mind is for apps related to writing or studying, whether that be a new language or maths, but really it could be used for just about any kind of website app or social media channel you can imagine. 

 Image of Mockup%20of%20an%20iPhone%2011%20Pro%20Lying%20on%20an%20Office%20Desk%20copy

iPhone 11 Mockup

18. Mockup Featuring an iPhone 11 in Landscape Position Placed on a Coloured Surface

Sometimes, all you need is a mockup with a plain background or no background at all. For those times, here is this iPhone 11 mockup placed horizontally against a solid grey background. Don’t worry if you have a specific colour in mind—this template allows you to change the background to the exact colour that you need. 

 Image of Mockup%20Featuring%20an%20iPhone%2011%20in%20Landscape%20Position%20Placed%20on%20a%20Colored%20Surface%20copy

19. Mockup of an iPhone 11 Placed Centred in a Custom-Colour Backdrop

Of course, you may want the same mockup featured above but with the iPhone placed vertically in the frame as opposed to horizontally. That’s why we’ve included this mockup template, which offers the same controls to change the background colour as the one above. 

 Image of Mockup%20of%20an%20iPhone%2011%20Placed%20Centered%20in%20a%20Custom Color%20Backdrop%20copy

20. Mockup of a Blue iPhone 11 on Top of Another iPhone Over a Solid Surface

Just to add some more variety to these simple iPhone mockups, this one offers two iPhone 11s overlapping each other against a transparent background, which allows you to place the iPhone against any type of background you care to once you’ve downloaded it. And, by the way, the two iPhones above also give you the option of making the background transparent.

 Image of Mockup%20of%20a%20Blue%20iPhone%2011%20on%20Top%20of%20Another%20iPhone%20Over%20a%20Solid%20Surface%20copy

21. Mockup Featuring Two Overlapping iPhones 11 Over a Solid Colour Surface

Finally, another option in your minimalist iPhone mockup arsenal. This time, one phone hovers over the other, and the iPhone mockup generator offers two separate controls for uploading your images so that you can add a different image to each screen. 

 Image of Mockup%20Featuring%20Two%20Overlapping%20iPhones%2011%20over%20a%20Solid%20Color%20Surface%20copy

10 Top Premium iPhone 11 Mockups From GraphicRiver

Are you looking for an iPhone 11 app mockup file you can download and tweak yourself? If you’re not interested in an Envato Elements membership, head over to GraphicRiver. There you can make a single purchase for any asset you need. You’ll get premium quality without needing to pay for a membership.

 Image of iPhone 11 Mockups GraphicRiver

If you want a peek at what’s available on GraphicRiver, we’ve rounded up 10 top iPhone 11 templates and mockups:

1. iPhone 11 Pro Clay Mockup Set (PSD)

Take full control of how your app or webpage looks with this clay iPhone 11 Pro Photoshop mockup. This template includes 19 different arrangements and perspective angles for you to choose from. The clay style is realistic yet adds a slight abstract touch. Its modern style fits right in with your portfolio or proposal. You can export this iPhone 11 Pro mockup to a PNG for easy social media sharing.

 Image of graphicriver 5RXwblSO iphone 11 pro clay mockup set inline image preview source

2. iPhone 11 Pro Layered PSD Mock-ups in 4 Colours (PSD)

With four colours and nine different poses, this iPhone 11 Pro mockup has what you need to show your app in all its glory. It’s fully layered and neatly labelled for easy editing. This mockup even has a help file in case you have trouble. It makes a nice option if you need to show two iPhones in a mockup.

 Image of graphicriver 9G7sUEj2 phone 11 pro layered psd mockups in 4 colors inline image preview source

3. Mobile iPhone 11 Mockup (PSD)

If you want even more options for an iPhone 11 Pro mockup, then check out this template. It has 19 PSD files that feature iPhones that are in hand and isolated. Take advantage of included editing options like:

  • light and dark mode
  • transparent background
  • customisable
 Image of graphicriver BEmfcVS0 mobile mockup inline image preview source

4. Gold & White Phone 11 Kit (PSD)

This iPhone 11 mockup PSD is as good as gold. It features the device from different angles with a range of scenes. Just like the screen, the logo on the back of the iPhone is fully editable, allowing your brand to be seen on all sides. You can even change the colour of the bezel as a last touch.  

 Image of graphicriver aUqvVakf gold white phone 11 kit inline image preview source

5. Clean Phone 11 Mockup (PSD)

If you don’t want an iPhone 11 template that’s photorealistic but still need professional quality, try the Clean Phone 11 Mockup PSD. It has a range of positions, and each Photoshop file includes five photographic filters. Once you make your edits, you’ll be left with a high-quality mockup that’s social media ready.

 Image of graphicriver pxIOV8vX clean phone 11 mockup inline image preview source

6. Neon Phone 11 & Pods Mockup (PSD)

Get flashy with this neon iPhone 11 mockup PSD. The bright lights contrast nicely with the dark background, and you can tie it all together by adding images of your app or responsive webpage. Thanks to the easy-to-use Smart Objects, editing images with this template is a breeze.

 Image of graphicriver o61YGq5s neon phone 11 pods mockup inline image preview source

7. iFone 11 Pro & Pro Max Mockup (PSD)

Minimal design is trendy this year, and you’ll find that it’s executed well here. This template is light on design frills but has a focus on professional design. Make changes to the background by choosing one of the three pre-made images or using a custom one. It also includes two iPhones in its mockup: the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

 Image of graphicriver RZJgghQ5 ifone 11 pro pro max mockup inline image preview source

8. iPhone 11 Pro Mockups (PSD)

When it comes to colour, sometimes softer tones say the most. This iPhone 11 Pro Photoshop mockup applies this principle to its design. It has multiple colour and background options that complement the app or webpage image you choose to put on screen. This template is a great option for developers looking to keep the focus on their design.

 Image of graphicriver DUhTDW9u iphone 11 pro mockups inline image preview source

9. iPhone 11 PSD Mock-ups (PSD)

This iPhone 11 mockup gives you and your product or service a lot of visual options. With ten poses and multiple backgrounds, you’ll be able to create multiple unique marketing and advertising materials. Thanks to Smart Objects, you’ll cut down on the time you spend editing. 

 Image of graphicriver 0dMCpiSR phone 11 psd mockups inline image preview source

10. Phone 11 ProMax Mockup (PSD)

To close out our list, we have this fantastic iPhone 11 Pro Max Photoshop mockup. Using the green colour of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, this template allows you to make edits fast. Add your images and change the background colour with this simple mockup.

 Image of iphone 11 promax mockup

Take an iPhone Screen Mockup for a Spin Today

Have you found an iPhone screen mockup you love here? Why not make your own mockup and share it with us in the comments below. 

And remember, the best iPhone 11 and 12 mockups you saw above are only a fraction of the wonderful options available at Placeit and Envato Elements. If you haven’t found exactly what you need here, head on over to the site and browse the large collections of iPhone mockups to be found there. 

If you’re interested in other kinds of mockups as well, here are some great suggestions for you:

 Image of mf Image of a2 Image of a2t

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